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Cyber insurance: Elusive. Expensive. Essential.
Cyber insurance: Elusive. Expensive. Essential.
Worried about whether you can meet rapidly changing cyber insurance requirements? You’re not alone. But there are steps you can take to help secure (and afford) protection.
Access management
What is privileged access management?
What is privileged access management (PAM)? If you need to secure information, don’t wait to find out. Read more about PAM here!
Hacking-related data breaches leverage compromised passwords
Stolen or compromised credentials are often responsible for damaging hacks. Learn how compromised passwords can lead to data breaches. Read the blog.
HIMSS 2023 booth
HIMSS23 retrospective: Future-proofing healthcare with digital identity
At HIMSS 2023, Imprivata discussed how healthcare leaders can use digital identity to enhance care, improve their security, and maximize resources.
HIMSS 2023 booth
Imprivata customers highlight success stories at HIMSS 2023
Read more about how Imprivata customers overcame their digital identity management challenges using Imprivata solutions.
Image of nurse surrounded by digital globe of healthcare icons
Healthcare and the cloud: A dynamic collaboration
Data is essential to targeted patient care, and cloud-based solutions are a cost-effective way to use data securely and effectively.
Image of the Imprivata booth at HIMSS23
HIMSS23 reflections: Customers, constraints, and cybersecurity
Imprivata CEO, Gus Malezis, reflects on a busy and successful HIMSS23 and shares what really left an impression.
Photos of hands using a mobile device
Imprivata OneSign is Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended for Clinicians
Imprivata OneSign compatibility with Google ChromeOS devices and the Chrome browser means fast, secure access, and better cost efficiency
Doctor looking at phone, typing on laptop
How healthcare organizations can maximize their cyber insurance strategies in 2022
According to several leading players, the cyber insurance industry is in the midst of a “crisis moment.” This has largely been driven by the rapidly growing prominence and sophistication of ransomware attacks over the last 12-18 months.
Image of a person looking at the monitor
Take a look at the improvements we’ve made to Imprivata Identity Governance 7.4
Discover the latest and greatest Imprivata Identity Governance has to offer...
Image of Claire Reilly
Humans of Healthcare: Claire Reilly, RN MSc
Our Humans of Healthcare series aims to spotlight medical professionals –the very foundation of our healthcare system. In it, we’ll share pain points they experience daily and solutions they’ve implemented to enhance workflows and improve care quality.
Image of a lock
4 ways that integrated access security helps in the fight against ransomware
Ransomware represents one of the most significant cybersecurity threats your organization will face. Here’s how integrated access security solutions can alleviate the risks associated with it.
Image of a doctor holding a bottle of pills
Ask a Pharmacist: What do federal EPCS mandates mean for me?
From the clinician to the pharmacist to the patient, there are many questions about what federal EPCS mandates could mean for public health. Drawing on her professional experience, PharmD Meg Flynn helps us answer some of those questions.
Image of people working on devices
Achieve privileged access goals and reduce burnout with PAM managed services
Technology keeps advancing while IT staffing shortages keep increasing. Maintain security and prevent IT team burnout with strong PAM managed services.
Image of a person accessing a locked device
What the NSA’s latest identity and access management guidance means for you
The NSA and CISA have shared actionable guidance for protection against evolving cyber threats to digital identities.
Image of a hand on a computer mouse, with graphics floating around
4 key takeaways from the new NSA report on Zero Trust and identity management
A new NSA report provides more clarity on how to achieve Zero Trust maturity for user access to IT systems
Image of a person using a phone, with symbols around
Epic data breach highlights issues with ad tracking pixel technology
A common digital advertising tactic may leave your patient or customer data vulnerable to a breach.
Image of a person holding a phone, with message 'data protection'
Patient data breaches can strike anywhere: Make sure you’re prepared for them all
Recent healthcare data breaches prove that risks can come from anywhere. From vendor access risks to insider snooping, the security landscape needs to change.
Image of people viewing a monitor
4 best practices for communicating with third-party vendors who need privileged access
Granting third-party vendors privileged access to your IT systems requires a well-defined plan and effective communication. Here are the best ways to ensure you have both.
Image of a person using a laptop, attempting to log in
Privileged access management helps organizations provide secure access to critical applications and data by addressing the very first security layer: the passwords
Take a look at the improvements we’ve made to Imprivata Privileged Access Management in the second half of 2022.