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Digital ID is the new Control Plane in Healthcare
Digital identity (ID) used to be the new perimeter, but that’s already outdated thinking.
Phones for Patients - Humbled to be supporting patients in isolation
Every now and again a brilliant idea comes along and we all think, why didn’t I do that?
Protecting our Digital Identities is now more important than ever
As the current global pandemic has proven, emergencies bring out the very best in most people, and sadly, the worst in a tiny minority.
The most Digitally Advanced Hospital in the NHS
And we’re proud to be a part of it!
Identity Governance - Where Data Access meets Compliance
In today’s compliance and regulation driven world, managing who has access to sensitive patient records is a thorny issue.
Why SSO is the key to unlocking digital transformation in the NHS
Over the weekend, the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, anno