Phones for Patients - Humbled to be supporting patients in isolation

Every now and again a brilliant idea comes along and we all think, why didn’t I do that? Just about everyone has an old mobile phone (or several!) gathering dust in a desk drawer somewhere. We keep them for emergencies, but then never actually use them. We could sell them on eBay, if they are in good enough condition, but we never quite get around to it.

Here's what one tech company did to improve people’s lives and how we at Imprivata got involved.


Recycle old phones

Phones for Patients is the brainchild of Jason Holloway, MD of Bridgeway Security Solutions, and is an excellent way to recycle old phones, and do a huge amount of good at the same time. When the COVID-19 lockdown started, Jason realigned his business to set up Phones for Patients. People and companies donate old phones (ideally with their cables and chargers), Jason’s operation wipes the phones of all old data and re-provisions them with secure communications apps. The phones are then given to care homes and hospitals where patients in isolation with COVID-19 can then have video calls with family and loved ones.

The reprovisioning of the phones is quite labour intensive, but using Imprivata GroundControl to automate the process has streamlined and secured the process significantly.


Comfort for those in isolation

As you can imagine the feedback from people working in the care homes, and even some of the patients themselves has been truly humbling. Seriously ill patients have been able to chat to family and loved ones, even while in isolation, providing much needed support and comfort. To date some 8000 devices have been donated/pledged and 121 care homes and hospitals have received the phones, all of which is managed by Bridgeway Security Solutions.


Growing Support

The Phones for Patients initiative has received some great press coverage and high profile supporters including Andy Gomarsall MBE, former England World Cup rugby scrum half. When we heard about the initiative we were delighted to get involved by providing 4000 free GroundControl licences to automate the secure wiping and re-provisioning of the phones. Now the operation at Bridgeway Security is able to process 600 devices per hour.


How you can get involved

There are four ways in which people can get involved with the Phones for Patients initiative:

  • Individuals can donate old phones, cables and chargers
  • People can get their employers involved, so that businesses donate unused devices
  • Donate to the Phones for Patients JustGiving page, for cables and chargers (to accompany donated phones which often come without either)
  • Spread the word by sharing social media posts with friends and family

To find out how you can get involved visit: