Updates to Imprivata customer and vendor privileged access management solutions enhance connectivity, control, and visibility

Imprivata has released the latest versions of its customer and vendor privileged access management solutions. This release includes significant back-end updates, front-end enhancements, and improvements to the Nexus, providing even greater security, control, and visibility. 

For the last two decades, Imprivata Customer Privileged Access Management (formerly SecureLink Customer Connect) and Imprivata Vendor Privileged Access Management (formerly SecureLink Enterprise Access) have provided customers with the simple, smooth, and secure connectivity they need. The latest release continues that story, with back-end updates to enhance connectivity, additional administrator capabilities, and Nexus updates to facilitate even more seamless connectivity between organisations and vendors.

Back-end updates

Back-end updates may not be the flashiest technological advancements to talk about, but they ensure our customers continue to experience the seamless connectivity and security they have come to expect from Imprivata, as well as new capabilities and refinements. The 24.1 releases of Imprivata Vendor Privileged Access Management (VPAM) and Imprivata Customer Privileged Access Management (CPAM) include enhancements to the back-end architecture that streamline how vendors make connections. These changes improve how quickly vendors can connect to provide support to their customers.

Front-end updates

The latest solution updates offer even greater control and visibility over access. Administrators can more easily and precisely extract and analyse the information they need from the admin log by filtering and exporting data. This information helps them answer questions from internal stakeholders, and provides detailed information to auditors.

Organisations using VPAM gain additional information about vendor access by configuring required, customisable fields that vendor users must complete before they’re granted access to specific applications. This customisable step not only provides admins with additional context about access and users, but also supplies data valuable to highly regulated organisations that need to supply this kind of user information to auditors.

Finally, the user interface (UI) now reflects updated product names, which now reflect that these solutions are a core part of the Imprivata portfolio.

Enhancements to the Nexus

For those who may be unfamiliar with the Nexus, it is an included Imprivata solution that securely brokers connectivity between a VPAM organisation and CPAM vendor who already have an established relationship. With the Nexus, neither side has to compromise on how they make or allow connections, and each has the control, visibility, and seamless connectivity they need.

This latest release includes additional advancements to the Nexus, including updates to user authentication, greater information about connectivity status, and additional details captured in the audit. This provides both VPAM and CPAM customers with greater value from this solution, which is unique in the market.

The goal: Efficient access without compromising security

In today’s ever-evolving threat environment, organisations must address the considerable risks associated with external access. CPAM and VPAM mitigate these risks, providing streamlined and secure access that organisations can rely on to help keep them safe and compliant. Make sure your organisation takes advantage of the newest capabilities and enhancements available in VPAM and CPAM by upgrading to the latest version.

For customers wanting full details on the latest feature additions and enhancements, check out the release highlights here. Not yet using VPAM or CPAM, but interested in learning more? Request a demo today!