Imprivata Privileged Access Management in 2023: Simplify workflows with new features and enhancements.

Check out the latest improvements we’ve made to Imprivata Privileged Access Management in the first half of 2023.

At Imprivata, we’re always adapting and advancing our solutions to help you to meet tomorrow’s challenges head-on, and 2023 is no different. We’re committed to hearing – and acting upon – our customers’ requests, and we encourage ideas to be submitted.

In the first half of 2023, Imprivata Privileged Access Management introduced brand new capabilities like Azure AD Personal Password Management, enhancements to Relay Node, and other market-leading features to simplify workflows. We have also improved the user experience with new UI enhancements to complement our innovation strategy.

Expanded features to keep your organization secure

Here are some highlights from the features newly added to our latest version of Imprivata Privileged Access Management.

Relay Node with added RDP and SSH proxy support

A Session Relay Node is designed to reduce potential heavy network traffic in deployments where remote sessions between a user and a remote host span geographies. In multi-region deployments and under certain circumstances, a user’s remote session could exhibit a performance decrease that results in latency during their session.

An available Session Relay Node in this deployment may improve session latency by minimizing the amount of required traffic between the user’s client and the PAM master nodes. Instead, this heavy network communication is routed locally to the user. Building on the initial Relay Node release of 2022, support for both the RDP and SSH proxies has been added. When available, users may now connect through their selected Relay Node from their native RDP or SSH proxy session. We have also added support for dynamic and pass-through logins and for Proximity Group integration.

Session Event Report masking using entropy

In some situations, it may be necessary for a user to type a password during a recorded remote session. Although such actions are not recommended, they unfortunately might be required.

As a result, session event recording, when enabled, will capture such KeySequence events and include this password in its report, potentially viewable by privileged users.

To prevent user-typed passwords from being visible in a Session Events Report, Imprivata Privileged Access Management can apply a password detection algorithm to the content of the report. Using password entropy detection, the product now has the option to mask potential passwords that were entered during a recorded session from appearing in the Session Events report.

Azure multifactor authentication with Number Matching

If users get a multifactor authentication prompt and accidentally accept it when clicking on it, then number matching in Azure AD can help, making push notifications more secure. Number matching is a key security upgrade to traditional second-factor notifications. With this release, the Azure integration that requires multifactor authentication with Number Matching is now supported in workflows and SSH proxy authentication.

Microsoft Entra personal password management

To simplify and accelerate workflows, this release will now give users who log into Imprivata Privileged Access Management with their Microsoft Entra account the option to reset their own password from the My Profile page.

Localization options

We have added a German language option to customize the web portal user experience. In this release, we have also added another option to define a custom Date Format that will be used throughout the web application.

Enhancements from the latest releases

CSV import overwrite

In this release, prior to CSV import, the user may now decide how to process imported records that may already exist in the target location. Options to Create, Skip, or Update are available within the CSV import window.

Record List UX enhancements

In this release, we have added two new icons to the Record List page to more easily identify records that have currently-active sessions and those that are currently checked out. This includes rollover details to highlight the relevant metadata of each record state.

User experience enhancements

To streamline the user workflow, we have cleaned up some visual elements and basic functionalities to provide a more direct path to the most-used features.

UI enhancements made in the latest Imprivata Privileged Access Management releases include:

  • A new option to bulk Cancel Pending Jobs
  • Improved breadcrumbs and page tiles for easier navigation
  • Several updates to in-application Help tools for greater understanding of features and options
  • The addition of several new columns to existing Report Center reports for increased insight and filtering options

Keep your organization secure with market-leading capabilities

We know that you rely on your privileged access management solution to keep your organization secure in the face of today’s evolving security challenges. Make sure to stay safe by taking advantage of the most up-to-date capabilities available.

For full insight into our latest feature additions and enhancements, make sure to check out the release notes.