Piecing together point solutions is expensive, complex, and error-prone. See how our products and services work together to drive interoperability across your ecosystem.

Identity Governance and Administration
Enterprise Access Management with SSO
Vendor Privileged Access Management
Enterprise Access Management with MFA
Digital Identity Intelligence
Mobile Device Access
Privileged Access Management
Customer Privileged Access Management
Mobile Access and Control

Imprivata digital identity platform

Disparate identity management solutions can put your organisation at risk. Imprivata eliminates the multi-vendor, DIY approach with interoperable technologies that drive operational efficiency, security, and compliance.

Click on an Imprivata product to explore the integrations and benefits of a comprehensive digital identity platform.

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Improve user productivity, reduce cyber risk, and put privacy first

Digital identity is the catalyst to solving your most complex workflow, security, and compliance challenges.

Unlock the power of mobility
Enable secure, real-time access to shared mobile devices and apps
Combat cyberattacks while also enabling fast, consistent access to keep users productive
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Maximise the value of your EPR
Minimise clicks and keystrokes across all EPR apps and worfklows
Maximise your investment by streamlining access and authentication from on-prem endpoints and shared mobile devices
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Meet cyber insurance requirements
Deploy comprehensive, easy-to-implement security controls
Meet higher standards and keep premiums down by securing access to sensitive data
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Secure third-party access
Manage third-party risks to safeguard your critical resources
Solve the unique access management challenges of external users to reduce the risk of a third-party breach
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Mitigate ransomware and cyber risks
Eliminate unnecessary access for every user
Prevent unauthorised user access and lateral movement without slowing down user productivity
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Protect patient privacy
Safeguard PHI at every step along the care continuum
Prevent inappropriate access to medical records to improve patient privacy, safety, and outcomes
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Improve user workflows
Increase efficiency and improve the user experience
Simplify secure access across every workflow and connect users with the right resources at the right time
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Automate identity management
Simplify the process of granting, revoking, and monitoring access
Deliver role-based, least-privilege access for all internal, external, and third-party users
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Streamline compliance
Simplify audit recordkeeping and reporting
Meet key cybersecurity, data protection, and other industry-specific compliance requirements
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