Imprivata OneSign is Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended for Clinicians

Imprivata OneSign compatibility with Google ChromeOS devices and the Chrome browser means fast, secure access, and better cost efficiency

Organizations choose ChromeOS for a fast, flexible, free operating system that’s secure and easy to use. And they choose Chrome browser to ensure simple, secure browsing. To help them make the most of ChromeOS and the Chrome browser’s built-in features for security, enterprise-grade controls, and centralized management, Google established the Chrome Enterprise Recommended program.

Chrome Enterprise Recommended identifies technologies that optimize workflows on ChromeOS and the Chrome browser. And we’re excited to announce that Imprivata OneSign® is recognized as Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended (CER) for clinicians. This solution delivers end-to-end authentication, virtual desktop roaming, enterprise single sign-on (SSO), and more. By safeguarding privileged health information while streamlining clinical workflows across all Google ChromeOS devices, Imprivata OneSign conserves resources and helps to improve patient care.

Why choose Imprivata OneSign

Clinicians will always opt for speed to help a patient, even if that means using less than secure methods to quickly access the information they need — such as borrowing a colleague’s login credentials. Imprivata OneSign makes these risks unnecessary. Rather than struggle to key in a 16-character password every time you need to access information or use a device, Imprivata OneSign provides quick, convenient access with the touch of a badge. Workflows become seamless and stay compliant with HIPAA and other cybersecurity and data protection requirements.

Imprivata OneSign enables fast access to both on-premises and cloud applications. And given that clinicians log in to workstations and applications up to 70 times per shift, Imprivata OneSign saves them an average of 45 minutes – without sacrificing security. With No Click Access sign-on/sign-off capability, Imprivata OneSign makes it easy to switch users on shared workstations, decreasing chances of charting under the wrong patient ID. And, automatic sign-on to G Suite provides smooth, prompt access to productivity and collaboration tools.

Thanks to Imprivata Spine Combined Workflow Plus, NHS customers in England can gain NHS spine access on ChromeOS with a virtual smartcard and no physical smartcard reader. This means users who are working away from the hospital can still access critical applications easily and simply. And clinicians can complete tasks on any ChromeOS device, thanks to virtual desktop access and SSO. Ultimately, Imprivata OneSign plus Google Chrome means less time interacting with tech, and more time interacting with patients.

Pair Imprivata OneSign and ChromeOS to conserve resources

Customers with both Chrome Enterprise and Imprivata OneSign maximize their investment with a range of resource-saving benefits:

  • Time saved thanks to clinical efficiency and frictionless security
  • Money saved with a low total cost of ownership and fast time to value
  • Dangerous, expensive, and time-consuming risks mitigated by securing connected devices
  • Overall speed, security, and convenience that improves patient-centered care