Enhance password security with single sign-on technology

Password security can be a big headache for IT departments - each application requires a different password and passwords need to be changed at different intervals causing IT help desk calls for password resets. Additionally, the complexity of password security can create a security risk - use of sticky notes, sharing of passwords, etc.

Single sign-on (SSO) technology can improve password security by providing users with a single password that enables them to access all authorized applications. But some SSO solutions create as many problems as they purport to solve, requiring expensive scripting to SSO enable applications, directory modifications and inconvenient workflow changes. For an SSO solution that cost effectively solves the challenges of password security, more organizations today are choosing Imprivata OneSign.

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Imprivata delivers innovative single sign-on solutions for password security.

An appliance-based enterprise single sign on solution, Imprivata® OneSign® helps increase password security while simplifying management and reducing help desk costs. As an appliance, OneSign requires no changes to existing code, no directory modifications, and no adjustments to your existing infrastructure. OneSign SSO enables all types of applications - mainframe, client/server, JAVA, Web, and legacy.

Increase security and simplify password management.

OneSign Single Sign-On enables you to manage password security. With OneSign you can:

  • Automate password management. OneSign automatically generates passwords, simply enables password policy implementation, changes passwords on behalf of users, and executes updates when new appliance versions or SSO profiles are added or changed.
  • Built-in support strong authentication. OneSign offers built-in support for multiple, strong authentication security options, including ID tokens, USB tokens, active and passive proximity cards, Windows smart cards, national ID smart cards, and fingerprint biometrics.
  • Self Service Password Reset. OneSign offers a secure and convenient process for users to reset their own passwords, eliminating the expense of frequent calls to the IT help desk and increasing user productivity.
  • Support shared workstations and fast user switching. OneSign Single Sign-On offers workflow solutions for shared workstations. These include fast switching between multiple, concurrent Windows desktops.
  • Trace, track, and report easily. OneSign stores all application access events in a centralized database from which you can quickly run pre-structured reports for review, compliance and security.

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