Enhance internal threat security management with a powerful employee access management solution

When it comes to enterprise data, security management has never been more critical - or more difficult. Internal threats continue to evolve and your business reputation, in addition to regulatory compliance, requires more effective security management solutions. But limited budgets and resources can make addressing these issues difficult, especially when security management technology can seem costly to deploy and challenging to manage. Organizations need to secure data access, manage passwords and identities of employees and report for regulatory compliance, but can't find an affordable or manageable existing solution - or what they can find is just too expensive and complex. For a security management solution that is both affordable and effective, companies today are turning to Imprivata.

Imprivata OneSign® -- simple but powerful internal threat security management technology

Imprivata OneSign is an employee access management platform that simplifies authentication and access management. As an appliance, OneSign integrates the complex and fragmented aspects of corporate security management strategy, seamlessly integrating strong authentication, single sign-on security, physical access control and event reporting. OneSign automates an enterprise-wide access policy and enforces it within a single, easy-to-use administrative framework. And as an appliance, OneSign can be implemented quickly and easily, with no code changes, directory modifications, or changes to user workflow required.

With OneSign, organizations can:

  • Simplify regulatory compliance. OneSign provides visibility into employee access activity, capturing event data in a single database and providing standard reports with the push of a button, making compliance reporting simple and fast.
  • Improve password security. The average employee must remember 12 to 15 passwords for various applications - each of which may need to be changed at regular intervals. OneSign eliminates the headache of password security management and costly calls to the helpdesk.
  • Centralize security data. By centrally mapping an employee's multiple corporate IT and physical security identities with their respective access policies and events, OneSign confirms an employee's physical location, validates their identity, dynamically enables and enforces information access policy, and then reports all access events in real-time.


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Authentication ToolImprivata OneSign Technical Overview
lmprivata OneSign® is a complete Single Sign-On and Access Management solution that integrates strong authentication and single sign-on to provide a single point of authentication management, password policy and compliance reporting for all desktops and applications for any user, anywhere.

enterprise authenticationChoose the Right Strong Authentication Method for Your Hospital
An evaluation tool designed to weigh the pros and cons of multiple strong authentication device solutions that are compatible with Imprivata OneSign® and best match the method with users' roles, needs and relative security risks.

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