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Imprivata ID serial number changing on iOS


We have identified an issue with the Imprivata ID mobile application that may require you and your end users to take corrective action. This document contains the latest information we have.

Last update: 25-March-2022 5:30 PM EDT

There is a known issue in the iOS version of Imprivata ID version 7.8.0 (visible in some systems as 7.8.24), that could cause failed authentications for EPCS, remote network access, and other workflows using Imprivata ID. This version was made available on the Apple App Store on Monday, March 21, 2022.

Description of the Imprivata ID incident

Some end users who updated Imprivata ID to version 7.8.0 on iOS 15 may experience a reset of the authentication serial number. This reset results in failed authentications. Our metrics indicate 10% or fewer of Imprivata ID users are affected.

We have rolled back Imprivata ID to the previous version and renamed it “Imprivata ID 7.8.1”.

Corrective action affected users need to take

Affected users should ensure they have updated to Imprivata ID 7.8.1.

How to check your current version of Imprivata ID:

  1. Open Settings > Imprivata ID
  2. Read the version listed

The correct version is Users of other versions should update.

If you need to update Imprivata ID:

  1. Important: Imprivata ID must be closed before updating.
    1. Apple has additional information on how to close an app. We summarize those directions in the next steps.
    2. If you have a Face ID phone, swipe up halfway from the bottom of the screen to see all running apps as “cards.” If your phone has a home button, instead double-tap the home button to see the “cards.”
    3. Locate the Imprivata ID app in the list of apps, and swipe up to force quit the app.
  2. Open the App Store, and search for Imprivata ID.
  3. Tap the “Upgrade” button to upgrade to version 7.8.1.
  4. Open Settings > Imprivata ID and ensure the version is now “”
  5. An additional re-enrollment may be required at this point. Test Imprivata ID with your systems.

If you need to re-enroll, contact your IT service desk.

We strongly recommend enrolling a back-up method, so that critical systems can still be accessed if there is ever an issue with a commonly used method like Imprivata ID.

  • If you use Imprivata ID for remote network access, we recommend enrolling your phone number.
  • If you use Imprivata ID for EPCS, check with your organization for information about the additional back-up methods available for EPCS.

We are posting updates to this incident on our status page:

We apologize if this issue has caused disruption to you and your users. We will continue to provide updates and additional guidance as necessary, and we are making every effort to ensure that our processes are robust against an issue like this occurring again.