Unlock the potential of mobile clinical workflows: Powered by Imprivata and facial recognition technology

In today's healthcare environment, clinicians are increasingly embracing the advantages of mobile technology. Despite its many benefits, security and compliance concerns have, at times inhibited its use. To help address this, Imprivata has partnered with IDEMIA and Aware to develop a new facial recognition modality solution that balances security with ease-of-use for the end user.

This innovative facial recognition technology helps to relieve concerns so that organizations can leverage the benefits of secure, convenient mobile clinical workflows.

Integration with Epic Haiku and Canto to enable EPCS from a mobile device

The first use case for Imprivata facial recognition technology is enabling electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS) for clinicians from their mobile device. Imprivata Mobile EPCS is the first and only solution to integrate with Epic Haiku and Canto to enable fast, secure, and DEA-compliant multifactor authentication (MFA) to sign EPCS orders on a mobile device.

The emergence of virtual care and remote work has created the need for mobile clinical workflows, including EPCS. Previously, however, providers were limited to using laptops or desktops to complete EPCS orders due to technology and regulatory restrictions. This meant medication delays for patients, which created patient safety issues, increased patient dissatisfaction, and added to the burden and stress that providers contend with daily.

Imprivata Mobile EPCS allows providers to easily send EPCS orders from anywhere, anytime, with a fast, secure, and DEA-compliant mobile workflow. Imprivata Mobile EPCS leverages proprietary facial recognition to authenticate providers, enabling them to send EPCS orders directly from their mobile device without additional hardware. As a result, patients receive their medication as quickly as possible with minimal disruption.

Meet all DEA requirements for EPCS while delivering an exceptional workflow experience

Imprivata Mobile EPCS is part of Imprivata Confirm ID, the most complete and comprehensive solutions for satisfying the DEA requirements for EPCS while still creating an ideal workflow experience. Unlike traditional multifactor authentication products, Imprivata Confirm ID delivers:

  • Automated, role-based identity proofing
  • Fully integrated individual identity proofing workflows (via DigiCert)
  • Credential enrollment to bind a provider’s identity to their EPCS authentication methods
  • Logical access control support
  • Comprehensive audit recordkeeping and reporting

In addition, Imprivata delivers the most innovative and convenient authentication methods for EPCS to support any clinical workflow. This includes Hands-Free Authentication, fingerprint biometrics, phone-based push tokens, and now, facial recognition for mobile EPCS. Not only does this create flexibility for providers, but it also enables backup authentication methods, for when a provider doesn’t have their phone, for example.

Facial recognition technology: Improving security and efficiency while enabling mobile workflows

Imprivata mobile EPCS is just one of many Imprivata solutions designed to support mobile initiatives like simplified device provisioning, automated device health monitoring, asset tracking, and fast, secure user access. Additionally, phone-based multifactor authentication is used across on-premises and remote workflows to help mitigate cyberattacks as well as meet cyber insurance requirements.

These technology solutions allow care providers to securely complete mobile workflows anywhere, anytime. In turn, organizations are empowered to leverage the power of mobile by improving workflow efficiency, increasing provider satisfaction, and ultimately enabling better patient care. By optimizing authentication workflows for both security and convenience, Imprivata is driving adoption of mobile devices.

Explore how Imprivata and facial recognition technology can help you unlock the potential of mobile clinical workflows with our datasheet, Fast, easy authentication for mobile EPCS.