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Comply with HIPAA Password Policy requirements with innovative solutions.
Healthcare organizations seeking to comply with HIPAA Password Policy face difficult challenges as some password management solutions can be expensive, complex and negatively impact clinical workflows. The right single sign-on technology can offer an efficient approach to HIPAA Password Policy management, allowing workers to sign-in once and then access patient data without the need to reenter usernames and passwords throughout the day. When you want to manage HIPAA Password Policy with a single sign-on solution that ensures fast, secure access to patient health information consider Imprivata OneSign.

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Imprivata delivers superior solutions for HIPAA Password Policy.
Imprivata is a leading provider of authentication and access management solutions and offers healthcare organizations a highly effective and cost-efficient solution for complying with HIPAA Password Policy regulations. Imprivata OneSign is an appliance-based platform that enables organizations to quickly implement single sign-on throughout the organization. OneSign requires zero modifications to existing IT infrastructure and allows the organization to implement a variety of solutions that provide faster access to patient data, better HIPAA Password Policy management, and greater security for patient medical records.

Manage passwords, enforce policy, and ensure HIPAA compliance.
Imprivata OneSign reduces the time and complexity of demonstrating HIPAA Compliance and other data protection and privacy regulations. With OneSign, you can controll how your users access information using single sign-on and strong authentication. And, ultimately by tracking and consolidating disparate employee access events. These powerful capabilities allow hospitals to respond to HIPAA Compliance audit inquiries with real-time, aggregating views of when, how, and from where a clinician gained access to critical data.

Imprivata OneSign simplifies compliance reporting by:

  • Monitoring and tracking all desktop, network, application, and transaction access activity in a centralized log file.
  • Delivering real-time aggregated reports on employee access – available with the push of a button – that demonstrate compliance with access control requirements common to many regulations, including:
    • Who has been authorized to access a system
    • Who has actually accessed a system
    • Who is sharing passwords
    • Validate that all system access has been revoked for terminated employees

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