Healthcare IT & the machine that goes ping! But only once…


There have always been 'issues' when it comes to technology in the healthcare market.

• Security of patients' records and the move to make these electronic has been a matter of constant debate.

• Implementations of technologies such as the Qt application and GUI framework in healthcare IT solutions have been extensive and successful.
• The log in/out process for doctors using applications that need multiple sign in procedures has been a thorn in the side of healthcare IT. We need a machine that logs in and goes ping! for sign in, but only once. 

It is this one ping, this one log in, this one application sign in issue that is the crux of the argument here.  So what can we do and can software application development save the day?  Here's the problem...If you take your PC for example... imagine if you had to log into every application you used, Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet, Twitter etc. Well in healthcare, it is much the same but with higher security protocols -- for example, a clinician needs to log into different applications to retrieve patient files another one to access x-rays etc. All of these applications must have a different username and password, which causes havoc with IT departments.  Imprivata is a provider of technology to the healthcare market, which simplifies log in's and log outs of IT systems. The company provides 'Single-Sign-On' technology so that just one username and one password will allow a clinician to access the applications they need.