Access Management System Saves Medics 40 Minutes a Day

The introduction of a single sign-on security solution at the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust is helping to save clinicians up to two minutes per patient, a trial has revealed. The time saving comes while doctors are entering data into the electronic patient record (EPR) system, saving each medic up to 40 minutes in a single day; time that can be spent improving patient care. The OneSign® technology from Imprivata was deployed after the trust procured a new clinical portal solution to bring together data from more than 200 disparate systems. OneSign aims to solve the problem faced by healthcare workers using various passwords and security log-ins. Now, they just sign in once and are given instant access to the data they require. Access rights can be tailored for each individual, meaning they can only access the information they need for their particular role. Following deployment the trust estimates two minutes is being saved per patient from a data entry perspective, resulting from the reduction in the time take to authenticate and access patient records, register details in case notes, and file notes accurately. Increasing the speed and security of access management is also having an impact on the number of errors in patient data. As a result of this success the trust is now planning to extend OneSign to support a virtual desktop deployment that will enable mobile clinical workers to securely access patient data on the go. James Norman, director of information management and technology at the trust, said: “As a university teaching hospital and center of excellence for research and innovation, the trust aims to lead the way in delivering the tools which allow clinicians to carry out their work to the best of their abilities while also realising significant efficiency savings in line with government directives. “The implementation of EPRs and a clinical portal was key to this process for us and Imprivata OneSign has been instrumental in our success. As a result of simplified and streamlined access, we have seen significant improvements in staff workflow and productivity which has not only translated to cost savings, but also to improved patient care across the board.” “As the NHS shifts from paper to electronic records, trusts are recognising that the rate of adoption and usage of these systems is critical to the success of their projects, as well as to achieving the overall goal of improved patient care,” added Ed Gaudet, chief marketing officer at Imprivata. “Imprivata has worked closely with clinicians to ensure that OneSign promotes efficiency while keeping data secure and that has resulted in a critical role for OneSign in the EPR adoption and usage process.”