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Salesforce and Microsoft 365 play a large role in many organizations’ tech stacks. Explore how AI and machine learning-powered analytics and intelligence can help you:

  • Accurately detect internal threats to review and investigate
  • Detect threats at the app layer, and integrate with SIEM tools
  • Eliminate manual log file parsing with insights based on clicks, not code
  • Automate compliance processes and forensic investigations  

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Novanta secures critical client and internal data with Imprivata

As a trusted tech partner within the medical and industrial sectors, Novanta was concerned about the possibility of internal data theft.  

Find out how Cloud Solutions Intelligence (CSI) helps them understand who is accessing critical information, and when they’re doing so, to prevent data theft and costly investigations.

Machine Learning
Hear from our customers
Things that were never possible before with Salesforce have become not only possible with [Cloud Solutions Intelligence], but with essentially the same ease-of-use as Salesforce reporting.
Hear from our customers
If somebody’s trying to log in and their access has already been terminated, is it because we took their account away? Or is this a former employee trying to crack in? And if they’re trying to get into Salesforce, what else are they trying to get into? [Cloud Solutions Intelligence] helps us answer those questions and pass on the information.
Hear from our customers
Great experience all around. On-boarding was flawless and we were able to get integrated into multiple SF environments within days. [Imprivata] has provided excellent support and has been very quick and thorough in answering questions. We are very impressed with the data we are collecting. Thanks for making our org more secure.