Sheriff - Special Edition 2011 - The Upside Of CJIS Compliance: Meeting Mandate Goals While Boosting User Productivity And Satisfaction

The most efficient path for PCSO was to develop a solution that would meet all objectives in one attempt. After reviewing a number of options for Single Sign-On (SSO) and AA (including tokens) our team selected the integrated Vasco token solution from Imprivata for its straight-forward administrative approach And its ease-of-use for employees. This initiative allowed PCSO to comply with both phases of CJIS requirements; implementing unique Ids and complex passwords in the near term, and AA ahead of schedule. In accordance with CJIS, we enforce AA for access on all mobile systems, including laptops and all mobile devices that run FCIC/NCIC access transactions and any device that uses the internet, wireless or dial up connections to run or process FCIC/NCIC transactions. The project has eliminated password problems and removed the temptation to share or write down credentials. Secure self-service password reset and automated password change policies have relieved the burden on IT. Our users are happier and we are positioned to offer our support to other agencies in the county.