Identifying Identity Resources, Part II

Back when this blog was in its infancy, we outlined a number of identity management resources that readers should check out. Those blogs are still on the “must-read” list, but there are a number of new ones that have popped up that people interested in identity and access management may find useful

The Health Care Blog: this blog covers everything from electronic health records (EHRs) and HIPAA Compliance to HITECH and Health 2.0, often with amusing headlines and relevant details to get the most pressing issues across succinctly.

ITBusinessEdge’s Authentication Systems channel: This covers opinion pieces and news, ranging from fingerprint biometrics and other forms of strong authentication to password policy and security risk.

FierceEMR: “Mapping the future of Healthcare Information,” this site combines news with opinion on topics ranging from electronic medical records (EMRs), health information exchanges, healthcare access management, interoperability and deployment updates.

Healthcare & Technology blog: this blog covers the high-level healthcare IT issues and trends while also pulling in various graphics, charts and video to help tell the story.

Planet Identity blog: This blog aggregates blogs related to identity management topics, leaning towards the technical while pulling through data, survey findings and trends from some of the most highly-subscribed blog feeds.