Imprivata and FairWarning: One company, one culture, and one shared mission to provide world-class customer service

Last week, we announced our acquisition of FairWarning, the leading provider of patient privacy intelligence. This event, frankly, is like family coming together more than anything else. The two companies have had a long-standing relationship, and every time we met at a customer site or a tradeshow, we always thought we should integrate our solutions and deliver more value to our customers.  

Fortunately for both of us this opportunity came up and we joined together. With the combination of Imprivata and FairWarning solutions, we’re thrilled to be able to provide customers with a single Digital Identity platform that integrates role-based access controls, robust identity governance, and critical patient and data privacy compliance and security. 

FairWarning and Imprivata people share a common commitment to customer success and we are focused on delivering a world-class customer experience that ensures customers achieve the full value of their investments in our solutions. To that end, there are a few points I want to share about how the FairWarning business will continue to operate moving forward.     

  1. Imprivata is committed to our FairWarning business. We’ll continue to deliver the same FairWarning services, develop along the pre-existing roadmap, and seek additional areas of service value enhancement and innovation. As FairWarning CEO Ed Holmes told the Tampa Bay Business Journal, “We're committed to serving customers and communicating with our people. When [Imprivata CEO Gus Malezis] and I talk about the future it's, 'How do we grow and deliver more value?' Not, 'How do we remove cost and deliver more profit?' We look at this as a growth engine." 

  2. All FairWarning employees are now Imprivata employees. We’re welcoming each and every FairWarning employee to the Imprivata family. I’m thrilled about the similarities we share in culture and in our commitment to our customers.  

  3. All FairWarning customers are now Imprivata customers. We’re excited to make FairWarning a key component of our go-forward analytics and Digital Identity strategy. We anticipate the acquisition will be beneficial for customers of both companies, as Imprivata will offer a broader set of solutions from a single vendor that is committed to delivering innovative products and signature customer experience. 

  4. FairWarning customers continue to receive the services they are contracted for as they have in the past. For current FairWarning customers, your customer services team and services offerings remain the same.  

In short you are seeing the collective FairWarning and Imprivata teams focus on (i) continuity of service, (ii) roadmap progression, and (iii) integration and innovation. This last part — integration and innovation — is promising to be truly exciting to the point of being industry disruptive,  delivering unmatched value to our customers — and we can’t wait to share those plans. 

As always, your Imprivata and FairWarning teams are here to support you. We assure you that everything remains the same, but if you have any questions about how the acquisition may affect your products or services, please reach out to your account representative.