Building long-term relationships that deliver more successful projects

For technology to be successful, it needs to implemented – and managed – properly. Here’s how Imprivata Managed Services can help you bridge the IT resource gap. 

Having weathered the storms of increased cyberattacks at the beginning of the pandemic by implementing more security technology, many healthcare organisations now find themselves with more vendors to manage. This has meant an increased requirement for diverse skill sets to manage the complexity of stitching together new products with legacy systems. Indeed, a recent Gartner survey found that 75% of organisations are now looking to consolidate the number of vendors that they work with.

A new approach that deals with complexity

At Imprivata, we’ve recognised the increased complexity faced by our customers. Many are trying to cope with the balancing act of keeping up with security requirements and the daily workload of keeping systems operating. All the while also trying to roll out much needed new technology to make digital transformation a reality (and that works for clinicians on the front line). What our customers need in most cases is an extra pair of hands (or several) to help with day-to-day tasks as well as to keep projects on track, without taking on additional head count.

With this in mind, we’ve moved from solely providing services on traditional time and materials basis, based on a schedule of work, to a more strategic, tailor-made, relationship-based model. This new subscription-based approach enables us to deliver a more responsive service, that more closely matches the requirements of our customers, resulting in much better outcomes for both projects and on-going support of a range of products.

Building a partnership

Talking to our customers, time and again they are looking for a partner that can provide not only expertise across a range of specific digital identity and security products, but also provide services for the longer term. At Imprivata we are able to offer managed service provider packages with on-the-ground healthcare expertise baked in.

A prime example is Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust where we provided an embedded team of Imprivata healthcare technology managed services experts who provided proactive, hands-on system administration and strategic guidance. We were able to support the IT team in rolling out Imprivata OneSign to simplify workflows for frontline clinicians, providing the mechanism and expertise to ensure that the project delivery stayed on track.

As a result, Northumbria improved operational excellence, with a projected minimum of 70% reduction in clinician time to access electronic patient data in the Emergency Department.

If you’re interested in learning more about Northumbria’s experience, check out the full story.

Tailored packaged services that deliver

One of the key differentiators for Imprivata at Northumbria was our ability to provide a range of packaged services. This encompasses both advisory and managed services at advanced and enterprise levels, with the ability to be fine-tuned to meet the exact requirements for the customer. We take time to listen and understand the detailed requirements both of IT and clinical users. Once engaged, we take a very proactive stance to drive projects forward, ensuring that the customer gets maximum value from their investment.

For example, we are able to advise customers’ navigation of general IT issues, as they impact Imprivata solutions. So, for example. when Northumbria had an issue with Internet Explorer becoming ‘end-of-life’, we were able to provide the extra skills and resources they needed to guide the migration to a replacement product.

With an Imprivata managed services agreement, our clients are able to call on Imprivata’s multi-disciplinary experts as and when needed. This includes our industry leading clinical workflow team who are able to advise on the best way to use the Imprivata technology to meet the requirements of the frontline clinicians. This clinician-led approach means greater user-engagement from day one, because workflows are supported by the technology, rather than the tech getting in the way of how clinicians actually work.

Effective communications keep everything on track

We know that good communications are key to ensuring that everyone knows what is happening and to keep things moving forward, so our managed services take a structured approach where we arrange periodic, typically quarterly, strategic meetings to discuss and agree on the direction of travel. Operational meetings are usually run weekly to ensure that actions are being completed and that milestones are achieved on time. In addition, we provide reports that help the IT department to present progress to senior management and the board.

In short, our mission is to ensure that our customers succeed in getting the best possible value from their investment in Imprivata technology, and we’ll do whatever we need to do to make that a reality.