Take a look at what’s new with Imprivata Privileged Access Management

Protect your organization against the misuse of privileged access by streamlining the authorization and monitoring of privileged users

Take a look at the improvements we’ve made to Imprivata Privileged Access Management in the first half of 2022.

In the first half of 2022, Imprivata Privileged Access Management introduced new market-leading features and enhanced capabilities to automate workflows and consolidate reporting, in addition to new integration features with Imprivata OneSign, a Single Sign-On solution, and SecureLink Enterprise Access.

With the newest version of Imprivata Privileged Access Management, customers will benefit from new features like consolidated reporting on a single page, a delegation of workflow templates, and authentication support for IMAP & SMTP.

Imprivata Privileged Access Management: Expanded capabilities to keep your organization secure

We’re always working to ensure that our solution helps you to meet tomorrow’s challenges head-on, and the first half of this year has been no different. We’re proud of our commitment to listening to – and acting upon – our customer’s requests and encourage ideas to be submitted.

SecureLink Enterprise Access integration

Together, Imprivata Privileged Access Management and SecureLink Enterprise Access enable organizations to secure privileged, critical access across all identity types. Enterprise Access customers gain the benefit of leveraging the advanced credential management capabilities of Imprivata Privileged Access Management, while still providing a seamless experience for the SecureLink user with masked credential injection into the Enterprise Access service.

With the current release, customers can take advantage of native plug-in integration with SecureLink EA to enable the use of the privileged access management (PAM) vault to securely provide credentials used by SecureLink to authenticate remote sessions. The Imprivata team will continue to develop deeper integration opportunities between the two solutions, as well as with other Imprivata solutions, to secure customers’ entire digital identity landscape – all from a single, trusted vendor.


Report Center

Executive reporting is critical to provide transparency around the state of risk within your organization. With PAM, you know in real-time who has accessed every network, server, application, and device – without high-risk or high-maintenance manual spreadsheets. While reports were previously located in varying areas of the application, you can now track all activities in one place. In this release we are introducing the new Report Center – a single-page consolidation of all default, saved, and custom queries.

In addition to the consolidation effort to drive an increased user experience, the Report Center also introduces new grouping and sharing options, as well as additional audit events for System Administrators, Auditors, and Owners. Imprivata Privileged Access Management simplifies auditing and compliance requirements, helping your organization comply with regulations like SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, and DSS.

Imprivata OneSign web console remote sessions

The integration of Imprivata OneSign and Imprivata Privileged Access Management simplifies access and improves administrator productivity by allowing organizations to ensure that only authorized privileged users can access their accounts. The integration of these solutions significantly reduces an enterprise’s attack surface, while improving visibility and accountability for its users.

With a recent update, users can create a secure, recorded remote session to the Imprivata OneSign Admin and Appliance web consoles. Users may also restrict access, enforce workflows, secure sessions, and conceal login credentials for the Imprivata OneSign web consoles. We continue to develop the Imprivata Privileged Access Management and Imprivata OneSign integration with functionality that is unique in the cybersecurity market.

Delegation of workflow templates

Imprivata Privileged Access Management System Admins can now maximize the value of their PAM solution and become more productive by allowing Vault Owners to manage their own workflow templates. This functionality provides users with greater control over Vaults to their respective owners.

Automation role

We believe that with automation, significant cost and time savings can be achieved. In the first half of 2022, we introduced a new Global Role specifically to support automation made possible through the SSH proxy. When Imprivata Privileged Access Management is being used with an automation solution like Ansible, or others that create many concurrent SSH connections, Admins can now create a new account assigned to the Automation role to optimize these connections. With the Automation role, unique throttling can be enforced that enables more stable connections and less overall impact on the software’s performance for other users.

OAuth 2.0 authentication support for IMAP and SMTP protocols

The OAuth 2.0 authorization framework is a protocol that allows a user to grant a third-party website or application access to the user's protected resources, without necessarily revealing their long-term credentials or even their identity. OAuth 2.0 with Office 365 is now supported in Imprivata Privileged Access Management for either or both IMAP and SMTP on the Mail Server configuration page.

With the upcoming removal of Basic Auth for IMAP in Office 365, customers currently using IMAP with Office 365 are encouraged to begin the transition from Basic Auth to OAuth 2 to prevent feature disruption or downtime.

Keep your organization secure with market-leading capabilities

We know that you rely on your privileged access management solution to keep your organization secure, no matter what challenges you face. Make sure that you’re taking advantage of the most up-to-date capabilities to help keep you safe.

Or if you are ready to address critical security and compliance challenges by protecting privileged administrator access to an organization’s most sensitive IT systems and digital assets, request a demo.