Imprivata provides untapped, actionable insights into access management with Enterprise Access Management Analytics

New solution provides greater visibility and actionable insights to identify potential security threats, improve clinician experience, and uncover areas for IT operational efficiency.

Waltham, Mass. - May 8, 2024 – Imprivata, the digital identity company for life- and mission-critical industries, today announced the availability of Imprivata Enterprise Access Management (formerly OneSign) Analytics, a first-of-its-kind analytics intelligence solution that provides unprecedented visibility into user access workflows.

This is a key step in adapting Imprivata’s vision to meet the evolving operational and security needs of the healthcare industry. EAM Analytics provides unparalleled insights into every access event across all modalities to identify and address security issues and optimize existing access management solutions, empowering healthcare organizations with actionable information to improve user workflows and clinician experiences.

“We’re thrilled to provide customers with a new analytics solution that enables them to visualize and take action on their access data without the burden of building time-consuming queries – a major component in developing a robust, optimized access management strategy,” said Zach Blunt, VP of Product Management at Imprivata. “This solution is a critical part of Imprivata’s continuous plan to enhance analytics reporting capabilities across shared device ecosystems, helping customers not only streamline access operations but also empower IT teams with meaningful data to show leadership areas of success and optimize the user experience for full implementation.”

EAM Analytics extends the power of Imprivata’s leading access management solutions by giving organizations the data insights they need to optimize the use of single sign-on (SSO) and other workflows to help clinicians stay focused on patient care. In addition, by harnessing the large volume of access data across the organization, IT and security teams can spot gaps and mitigate workarounds, leading to improved security, operational efficiency, and optimized IT investments.

Use cases include:

  • Application optimization: Analyze login methods to identify the most- and least-used SSO applications and ensure users are getting the most value from SSO in their daily workflows
  • Optimize IT investments: See where users are logging in, whether remotely, on shared workstations, mobile devices, or on other endpoints to identify where challenges exist, resolve adoption issues, and evaluate areas of potential IT operational savings
  • Time savings: Track user efficiency with login method reporting to identify opportunities to reduce login time
  • Improved security with failed login reporting: Identify which users experience failed logins and with what frequency to resolve user experience challenges or quickly spot potential security threats

For more information on EAM Analytics, please visit the Imprivata website.

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