EpicCare EPCS software integration

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EpicCare EPCS software integrationSeamless authentication for electronic prescribing of controlled substances and other signing contexts within EpicCare environments

Imprivata Confirm ID™ is a comprehensive identity and multifactor authentication platform that integrates with EpicCare to deliver comprehensive user authentication across all signing contexts.

Leveraging the fifth-generation Imprivata Connector for Epic, Imprivata Confirm ID helps more than 100 organizations optimize their EpicCare implementation by simplifying more than 80 re-authentication workflows within EpicCare, including:

  • Electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS): Imprivata Confirm ID is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for meeting the DEA requirements for EPCS while giving care providers a fast, efficient e-prescribing workflow for all medications. Imprivata Confirm ID supports the most comprehensive set of innovative, convenient, and DEA-compliant two-factor authentication methods – including Hands Free Authentication and push token notification @mdash; which drives e-prescribing compliance and helps organizations realize substantial benefits. And, unlike other authentication solutions, both factors of authentication required for EPCS can be entered using the Imprivata Confirm ID interface, giving users a consistent experience. Other solutions can only be used as the second factor of authentication for EPCS, requiring providers to use two different interfaces and dialog boxes, which impacts user experience and efficiency.
  • Anesthesia attestation: Imprivata Confirm ID allows anesthesiologists to tap their badge when attestation signing, which replaces the need to manually enter and re-enter an Epic password. This saves time and improves efficiency, as anesthesiologists move quickly from room to room.
  • Medication administration record: Imprivata Confirm ID makes it easy for nurses and other care providers to efficiently authenticate in order to witness the administration of high-risk medications to patients. Instead of manually entering their Epic username and password – which takes time, disrupts workflows, and potentially impedes care delivery – providers can simply tap a badge or swipe a fingerprint. This ensures witnessing policies are met while maintaining clinical workflow efficiency.
  • Break-the-glass: In code situations or other emergencies, Imprivata Confirm ID gives providers a fast, efficient authentication option when they need to override their assigned privileges to access patient records, order emergency medications, and/or complete different transactions. Instead of having to remember and manually enter a password while under duress, providers can simply tap a badge or use another convenient option to authenticate to break the glass.

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