Imprivata Enables Healthcare’s Shift to Mobile with Fast, Secure Access to Clinical Mobile Devices and Applications

Imprivata Mobile Device Access unlocks the potential of mobile devices and applications by removing barriers to adoption

Lexington, Mass.–June 5, 2018—Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, today launched Imprivata Mobile Device Access (MDA)™, healthcare’s only mobile authentication solution that enables fast, secure access to clinical mobile devices and applications. Imprivata MDA delivers the same fast and familiar authentication workflows to mobile devices that clinicians currently experience on workstations, empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of mobility in healthcare.

Shared mobile devices facilitate healthcare’s shift to mobility by enabling patient identity management, clinical communications, lab collections, and a number of other workflows at the patient’s bedside. As clinicians become increasingly mobile, however, moving throughout the hospital as they care for patients, the challenge for healthcare organizations is implementing the security measures required for accessing sensitive patient data on these devices without disrupting clinical workflow. 

Imprivata MDA addresses this challenge by removing the need to manually enter usernames and passwords, instead allowing clinical staff to simply tap their proximity badge to unlock a mobile device, and then single sign-on (SSO) into their applications.

“Just as Imprivata has helped healthcare enable the shift to EHRs by removing the password barrier, we’re now extending that offering out to mobile devices,” said Wes Wright, Chief Technology Officer at Imprivata. “The goal, as we’ve seen with EHRs, is to help healthcare organizations reap the full benefits of their investments in mobile hardware without compromising usability and accessibility for clinicians.”  

Imprivata MDA integrates seamlessly with Imprivata OneSign®, healthcare’s leading enterprise SSO and virtual desktop access platform, leveraging the same core infrastructure. This allows organizations to set authentication policies for all workflows from a single platform which reduces TCO and streamlines reporting.

Imprivata MDA works with clinical mobile computers using the Android operating system, including the market-leading Zebra TC51-HC, to remove repetitive manual password entry with a badge tap to gain access. Imprivata MDA also works with many EHR and solution providers, including Epic Rover.  

“Connecting the right patient to the right care, providers to essential patient information, and caregivers to colleagues helps prevent medical errors, improve patient outcomes, and enhance workflow efficiency,” said Chris Sullivan, Global Healthcare Practice Lead, Zebra Technologies. “The combination of Imprivata MDA with Zebra’s TC51-HC not only provides healthcare organizations with better control over security and the sharing of personal health information, but also helps improve the productivity of clinicians."

For more information, Imprivata will host a live Webinar on Wednesday, June 13. The Webinar registration page can be found here.

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