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Imprivata OneSign Single Sign On (SSO)


Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign On (SSO) removes the need to repeatedly type usernames and passwords, which streamlines clinical workflows and drives EMR adoption. By enabling care providers to quickly and securely access clinical and administrative applications, they can spend less time with technology and more time with patients.

Care providers regularly need to remember eight or more application passwords. Security best practices require those passwords be unique, strong and frequently changed. It’s no wonder care providers write them down, stick them to the monitor or just forget them.

Imprivata OneSign Single Sign On addresses these challenges by significantly reducing clicks and eliminating the need to remember or enter application usernames and passwords. Proven in healthcare environments around the world, Imprivata OneSign Single Sign On can be used with all types of applications, saving care providers 15 minutes every shift, improving satisfaction levels and driving EMR adoption.

Optimized workflows enable faster access to patient information and enhanced care delivery. Passwords become centrally managed, simplifying HIPAA and HITECH compliance without impacting care providers or IT staff. 


Key Product Features

SSO All Applications

Imprivata OneSign Single Sign On (SSO) provides support for all types of applications including terminal, client server and cloud-based applications.

Drag and Drop SSO Profiling

The Imprivata Application Profile Generator is a simple GUI based tool for creating application single sign on profiles. With no coding necessary, organizations can profile and deploy new applications quickly and easily.

Password Policy Automation

Imprivata OneSign Single Sign On (SSO) contains powerful password administration options. For example, administrators can automate application password change processes removing the task entirely from the care provider. This keeps the provider focused on patient care, not on trying to come up with, and remember, a new password that meets your organization strong password requirements. The password format can be set to your organizations requirements with policies able to be deployed to specific users or groups.

Support for Virtualized Applications

Imprivata OneSign provides Single Sign On (SSO) support for virtual desktops and applications including Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp desktops and applications, VMware Horizon View, VMware ThinApp and Microsoft App-V.

Application Auto-Launching

Applications can be automatically launched, or closed, when a user signs in depending on their location in the hospital. By automatically starting the required applications and signing providers in, more time is given to patient care, and less time spent navigating the technology.

No Click Access

Combine Single Sign On (SSO) with strong authentication to enable providers to access their desktops and applications with just the tap of a badge or swipe of a fingerprint.

OneSign Anywhere combines with Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management and Imprivata OneSign SSO to deliver a single vendor solution for all internal and external authentication and application access.


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