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Healthcare biometrics


Improve security and productivity with a biometric solution for healthcare

Healthcare workers today are seeking ways to provide timely and quality care while protecting the privacy of their patients, and biometric technology offers a powerful solution. Healthcare biometrics allow users to access applications and patient data quickly - clinicians simply touch a fingerprint scanner and get instant access to the records they need on any workstation. And, when coupled with single sign-on technology that allows users to access all their applications and records with a single password, Biometrics Healthcare technology can significantly improve user productivity and workflow.

When hospitals providers want to implement a biometrics solution as part of their authentication and access management project, they turn to Imprivata for authentication management.


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Imprivata OneSign, with fingerprint biometrics, allows users to quickly and securely log on to different workstations simply by touching their finger to a scanner. Instead of managing passwords—logging on multiple times throughout the day and waiting to gain access to applications and records— clinicians can be identified and authenticated in a single step, allowing them to spend more time with patients and less time with computers. Imprivata OneSign's biometrics solution gives users unprecedented ability to move between points of care, allowing quick access to patient information without the typical time-consuming constraints of logging on each time. And Imprivata OneSign enables healthcare organizations to comply with HIPAA password policy regulations, minimize calls to the help desk, and realize substantial administrative cost reductions.

In addition to biometric solutions for healthcare, Imprivata offers a range of flexible and powerful strong authentication options all while achieving EHR security.