Yale New Haven matches workstation locations to clinician logins to help manage Coronavirus

A message from Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer, Imprivata

In my dual roles as an emergency physician in Boston and the Chief Medical Officer at Imprivata, I am very aware of the strain that the impending COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is starting to put on our healthcare system.

Imprivata customer Yale New Haven Health, for example, is using Imprivata OneSign to identify healthcare providers who may have been exposed to patients under evaluation for COVID-19 infection. Imprivata OneSign reporting capabilities can identify exactly where and when specific users accessed specific workstations in different patient care zones in the clinical environment. By combining these data with workstation mapping and EHR data, Yale can more accurately identify all providers potentially exposed to COVID-19 and take necessary actions accordingly. This use case is available to Imprivata customers in this article on the Imprivata Support and Learning Center.

This is just one example, and we’re certain there are many more. Given the unprecedented nature of this crisis, and the uniquely collaborative nature of the healthcare industry, we believe there is an opportunity to share use cases to help everyone.

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