Enterprise single sign-on

Fast, secure No Click Access to patient information

Streamline clinical workflows and simplify EHR access


On average, care providers log in to workstations and applications 70 times a day, entering usernames and passwords each time. This tedious process frustrates providers, creates complexity, and obstructs patient care.

There’s a better way.

Imprivata OneSign delivers an end-to-end authentication and access management solution that brings together authentication, single sign-on, and virtual desktop roaming.

With Imprivata OneSign, healthcare organizations can:

  • Enable fast, secure access into on-premises or cloud applications for all users from any device, anywhere
  • Quickly and securely access patient information across every major EHR and clinical application, and through the industry's broadest thin and zero client support
  • Reduce the need for passwords, improve security, and support HIPAA compliance requirements
  • Save providers an average of 45 minutes per shift, per day  

An introduction to Imprivata OneSign

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As the leading healthcare enterprise single sign-on and virtual desktop access platform, Imprivata OneSign secures PHI, increases clinicians' productivity by allowing them to focus more on patient care, and enables healthcare organizations to leverage the full benefits of their EHR and virtualization technology investments.

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    Single sign-on

    Streamline clinical workflows by removing the need to repeatedly enter usernames and passwords for access to applications and patient information.

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    Virtual desktop access

    Extend authentication management capabilities to roaming desktop sessions by integrating with leading virtualization platforms.

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Integrated identity and access management

The Imprivata identity and access management platform brings together Imprivata Confirm ID, Imprivata OneSign, and Imprivata Identity Governance to provide healthcare’s only integrated cloud-enabled suite for secure, end-to-end identity governance, access management, and multifactor authentication that seamlessly integrates security and compliance into the fabric of healthcare workflows.

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The true ROI of VDI and SSO

“By implementing SSO and VDI, CHRISTUS saved over 1400 clinical hours and $92,000 per year, per facility, with a total of 26,301 hours and $2.3 million in projected savings per year, once all facilities are deployed.”
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Delivering fast, secure access to virtual desktops

"We estimate that our virtualized desktop environment supported by Imprivata OneSign saves us more than $2.3 million annually."
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Successfully rolling out Epic with fast, secure authentication and access

“The providers and the nurses and the staff just grabbed on to this technology, and I would fear for the day I ever take it away from them – they would come after me, I know they would, just because it’s so easy to use."
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