Password Reset

Password Reset

Minimize password reset calls with single sign-on


Password reset calls are a costly nuisance for every organization. Usually the result of a lost or forgotten password, reset calls from employees tie up IT time and resources and hinder employee productivity as well. Of course, users can't shoulder all the blame for frequent password resets-password policies can be so complex and burdensome that it's no wonder employees can't keep their passwords straight. Single sign-on solutions can alleviate password reset problems by simplifying password management, however many solutions create new problems for IT by requiring expensive code changes, modifications to directories, or inconvenient workflow challenges. To eliminate password reset headaches and improve password management, savvy organizations are choosing authentication and access management solutions from Imprivata.


Imprivata OneSign eliminates password reset calls.


Imprivata® OneSign® Single Sign-On is an appliance-based solution that can end password reset hassles and simplify password management. As an appliance-based solution, OneSign can be implemented quickly without requiring scripting or other changes to applications. As a single sign-on solution, OneSign eliminates password reset calls by simplifying passwords for users-they can sign-in just once and gain access to all authorized applications. In the event users do require password reset, OneSign provides self-service password reset: users can reset their primary domain passwords by themselves, using a convenient and secure process that eliminates help desk reset calls.


OneSign simplifies password management and strengthens security


OneSign makes password management easier and more cost-efficient. With OneSign you can:

  • Achieve ROI more quickly by eliminating password reset calls and reducing password management costs.
  • Automate authentication by generating passwords automatically, changing them when needed on behalf of users, and updating passwords when new application versions or SSO profiles have been changed or added.
  • Implement password policy automatically and transparently.
  • Manage implementation of a variety of other strong authentication methods including biometrics, tokens, common access cards, and more.
  • Improve compliance by producing audit logs of access and password change activity.

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