Security Convergence

Security convergence provides greater protection for the enterprise


Companies today are securing their organizations on multiple fronts. From physical security controlling access to buildings to IT security controlling access to networks and password security controlling access to data, much of a company's security data and policy is contained within multiple silos of information. For maximum protection, organizations must strive for security convergence - integration of these various elements of enterprise security. Convergence provides greater control over access management, optimizes resources and delivers a holistic approach to security infrastructure. For a leading solution for your security convergence needs, consider Imprivata.


Imprivata - security convergence to all major Physical Access Security solutions


The Imprivata OneSign® platform is an appliance-based approach to security convergence that leverages all of an organization's existing access systems to provide a holistic security solution. OneSign maps employees' multiple corporate IT and physical security identities with their respective access policies and events. With OneSign's security convergence technology, organizations can confirm an employee's physical location, validate their identity, dynamically reinforce and enable information access policy and then report all access events in real-time.

As an appliance, OneSign is remarkably easy to deploy. Shipped as a redundant hardware pair, OneSign requires no additional hardware or software. It can be installed quickly and requires little in the way of infrastructure support, minimizing the cost of installation. With OneSign, you can achieve security convergence quickly and affordably, with faster return on your investment.


Convergence of strong authentication, single sign on and physical access security


OneSign delivers a powerful identity and access management solution to achieve optimal security convergence.

Imprivata OneSign® Physical/Logical allows companies to integrate physical security with network security management. This Imprivata solution enables security convergence by centralizing security data and allowing or denying access based on a user's physical location as well as their badge events, role and/or employee status.

Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign On provides a password policy management solution that enables users to access their applications after signing on to the network just once with a strong password or authentication device. As an appliance-based solution, OneSign Single Sign On security is extremely easy to deploy and requires no scripting, no modifications to directories and no inconvenient changes to end-user workflow.

Imprivata OneSign® Authentication Management provides a platform for deploying strong authentication technologies such as passwords, USB tokens, smart cards, proximity cards, fingerprint biometrics and more.


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