Biometric authentication

Biometric authentication


Increase data security with biometric authentication

As security threats continue to evolve and industry and government security regulations grow ever more strict, many organizations are choosing to implement biometric authentication to protect data and help comply with regulatory demands. Of the broad variety of multifactor options, biometric authentication provides strong authentication and user convenience. Biometric authentication is highly reliable because users authenticate with something that is uniquely theirs - their fingerprints. Users enroll one or more fingerprints via a scanner. Thereafter, when logging in, the user scans their finger and if they have the rights, are simply and easily authenticated and can access their desktop, network and applications - all with a touch of their finger.

Imprivata OneSign makes implementing a biometric authentication solution, as part of a multifactor authentication system, or on its own, easy,affordable and highly effective. For organizations seeking a user authentication and identity access management solution that simplifies the use of fingerprint biometrics and multifactor authentication, Imprivata is the answer.


Imprivata OneSign simplifies and enables a robust biometric authentication solution

Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management is an appliance-based identity and access management solution that provides native support for biometric authentication and other strong multifactor authentication technology. As an appliance, Imprivata OneSign reduces cost and complexity of enabling strong authentication and single sign-on right out of the box - it can be installed quickly, is easy to manage and requires no other software to purchase or install. With Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management, you can deploy and use a broad range of biometric and strong authentication options, enable policy, and manage them from within a single administrator framework. And Imprivata OneSign provides a central location for reporting access events across all authentication options, easing the burden of regulatory compliance.

Imprivata OneSign provides built-in support for many plug-and-play biometric authentication and strong authentication technologies, including:

  • Fingerprint biometric authentication -support for biometric technology found in Lenovo, Dell, and other laptop PCs, Motion tablets, etc., using UPEK TouchStrip or Authentec technology
  • USB tokens
  • One-time-password (OTP) tokens
  • Windows smart cards and national ID smart cards
  • Active and passive proximity cards

In addition to simplifying biometric management, Imprivata OneSign enables powerful reporting capabilities for compliance purposes, giving administrators the ability to report in real-time on when, how and from where employees gained access to their desktops, the network or any application. With Imprivata OneSign you can quickly respond to audit inquiries that may otherwise consume many hours of manual viewing and collation of independent system logs.


Imprivata OneSign combines biometric management with single sign-on authentication and more

In addition to providing infrastructure for biometric authentication, the Imprivata OneSign platform also includes technology that lets you:

  • Simplify password management. Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On is a password authentication solution that enables enterprise single sign on technology for all applications - legacy, client/server, Web, and JAVA

Learn more about biometric authentication with Imprivata OneSign now as well as single sign-on and Active Directory, and multifactor authentication.

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