Strong Authentication

Protect Enterprise Data, Alleviate Security Risks

Given today's economic climate, enforcing and monitoring employee access to information assets is essential to your enterprise security and the strength of your business. As your company attempts to implement a stronger level of network access security to meet regulatory compliance demands, you require the flexibility to deliver strong authentication options that meet your business and employee workflow needs. You also need clear visibility into which employees accessed what, when and how in order to provide bulletproof audit capabilities.

Once you have decided to implement strong authentication, you need to consider the best device or devices that match your employee's workflow. Some things to consider include - are they local or remote users? Will you need to use one form of authentication or two-factors? Is there a need to deploy an existing device, such as their building access card? Additionally, IT will need to ensure they have the proper plans and solutions to easily deploy, manage and track authentication events from any of these users' devices. If you are looking for the ability to centrally manage access policy using any combination of strong authentication modalities that best match employee roles and workflows while strengthening security and enabling users to be their most productive consider Imprivata OneSign® Authentication Management.

Superior Support for Strong Authentication

Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management is an appliance-based approach to identity management that provides built-in support for strong authentication. Imprivata OneSign strengthens user authentication at the desktop, network, application and transaction level by replacing weak Windows desktop and remote VPN passwords with a broad range of strong authentication options, including finger biometric authentication, proximity cards, smart cards, many national and government ID cards, One-Time-Password tokens, and an employee's physical location.

OneSign provides a single framework for managing strong authentication devices effectively and efficiently. Packaged as an appliance, OneSign creates value and cost savings right out of the box by reducing installation time, minimizing infrastructure needs and cutting the costs of deployment and management.

OneSign also streamlines application access and eliminates password headaches by single sign-on enabling ALL enterprise applications--without requiring custom scripting, modifications to existing directories or disruptive changes to workflows--organizations can speed, and secure access to their corporate applications, improve employee productivity and satisfaction, and reduce the high costs of password management and reset call burdens on the IT Help Desk.

Imprivata OneSign reduces the time and complexity of demonstrating compliance with data protection and privacy regulations. By tracking and consolidating disparate employee access events, organizations can rapidly respond to audit inquiries with real-time, aggregated views of when, how, and from where an employee gained network and application access.

Strong Authentication Resources


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