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Strong Authentication


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As enterprises work to secure data to meet the demands of regulatory compliance, multifactor authentication has become a critical approach to managing enterprise security risk. Two factor authentication requires two different factors in order to authenticate a user. Factors may consist of:

  • Something you know - a password, for example.
  • Something you are - a physical characteristic such as a fingerprint, handprint, voice print or eye pattern.
  • Something you have - typically a token, ID card or pass card.

Deploying an authentication solution can be costly and complex, but the right infrastructure can simplify management and quickly ensure that you are getting return for your investment by enabling more productive users and eliminating security risk. For companies seeking a powerful but affordable solution for deploying two factor authentication, Imprivata offers OneSign® Authentication Management.


Easy-to-Use Support for Two Factor Authentication


Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management is an appliance-based solution for managing authentication technology. The Imprivata Appliance reduces the cost and complexity of identity access management right out of the box - OneSign installs quickly and is easy to use, providing a single framework for managing a range of two factor authentication types. Purpose-built for flexible and rapid deployment, OneSign dramatically reduces implementation time and installation costs. With OneSign you can deploy a broad range of plug-and-play options so your users can quickly access the data they need to do their jobs more efficiently, such as:

  • One-Time-Password (OTP) tokens - including built-in management support for VASCO® DIGIPASS®
  • Smart cards
  • Biometric authentication technology - including both UPEK and Authentec fingerprint biometric devices
  • Building access cards
  • USB tokens
  • Proximity cards

OneSign also enables reporting on all access events for more easy regulatory compliance. By providing consolidated and standardized real-time reporting options, OneSign delivers push-of-a-button alerts and reports so you can quickly respond to audit inquiries, producing aggregated reports on how, when and from where users accessed their desktop, the network and individual applications.


The Solution for Two Factor Authentication


The OneSign Platform includes identity management solutions that can be used individually or together. OneSign enables you to:

  • Enable single sign on (SSO). With Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign-On you can enable all applications for enterprise SSO. Imprivata OneSign simplifies single sign on security by reducing the cost of implementation and management, streamlining reporting and automating many redundant and routine tasks.


Two Factor Authentication Resources

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