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Controlling user access to data is a critical priority for organizations seeking to improve enterprise security. Identity access management technology should simplify this task by authenticating identities onto corporate networks, managing passwords, and password changes for multiple applications and satisfying regulatory compliance with reports on user access. But too often identity access management solutions create as many problems as they solve-they can be highly complex to manage, expensive to purchase and maintain, and a veritable nightmare to implement. For an identity access management solution that is affordable, effective, and easy to use, consider the OneSign® platform from Imprivata.

Learn how Imprivata OneSign can simplify identity access management now.


Imprivata provides an appliance-based identity access management solution.


Imprivata OneSign is an appliance that solves identity access management challenges simply and cost effectively. As an appliance, OneSign is affordable, delivering identity access capabilities right out of the box with nothing else to buy, install, or manage. OneSign is easy to deploy, requiring no scripting, coding, directory modifications, or inconvenient changes to user workflow. And management of OneSign couldn't be simpler-point-and-click integration, built-in monitoring and reporting, and automation of many routine tasks help minimize administrative burden and lower costs. OneSign integrates easily with existing IT, minimizing implementation time and installation costs, and helping to quickly deliver return on investment. Imprivata's scalable Web service-based architecture gets you up and running quickly and easily, avoiding the complexity and costs of purchase, implementation, and management of independent and non-integrated identity access solutions.


The solution for identity authentication and access management

Organizations use Imprivata OneSign to:
Strengthen User Authentication

Imprivata OneSign enables flexible authentication management at the desktop, network, application, and transaction-level. By replacing weak Windows desktop, and remote VPN passwords with a broad range of strong authentication options--including finger biometrics, proximity cards, smart cards, many national and government ID cards, One-Time-Password tokens, and an employee's physical location--organizations can centrally manage any combination of unique authentication modalities that best match employee roles and workflows.

Streamline Application Access

Imprivata OneSign solves password management and application access issues. By single sign-on enabling ALL enterprise applications--without requiring custom scripting, modifications to existing directories or disruptive changes to workflows--organizations can streamline, speed, and secure access to their corporate applications, improve employee productivity and satisfaction, and reduce the high costs of password management and reset call burdens on the IT Help Desk.

Simplify Compliance Reporting

Imprivata OneSign reduces the time and complexity of demonstrating compliance with data protection and privacy regulations. By tracking and consolidating disparate employee access events, organizations can rapidly respond to audit inquiries with real-time, aggregated views of when, how, and from where an employee gained network and application access. With the push of a button, OneSign can report who is sharing passwords, what applications users are authorized to access, and what credentials they are using. When users separate from the organization, OneSign ensures that access--across all user accounts--is instantly revoked.

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