Single sign-on (SSO) server

Single sign-on (SSO) server

Eliminate Password Headaches


Managing passwords can be a challenge for users as well as IT departments. With more than a dozen passwords to remember on average, users frequently forget them or write them down and post them by their workstation - clearly a security breach that circumvents the reason passwords are used in the first place.

Many companies have turned to a single sign-on server solution to reduce password management headaches. Enterprise single sign-on (SSO) enables users to sign in with a single SSO password and get access to all the applications they are authorized to access - clearly a benefit for users. But single sign-on technology can be overwhelming for an IT department -- costly and complex to manage - delaying or reducing the bottom line benefits to the enterprise. For a single sign-on server that is not only easy to manage but affordable, and non-intrusive more companies today are choosing the single sign-on solution from Imprivata.


Leading Single Sign-On Server Technology


Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign-On delivers a server solution that is simple to deploy, easy to manage and effective at relieving the burden of managing and using passwords. As an appliance, OneSign requires no additional hardware or software to be purchased or installed, minimizing the time and cost of installation. And the OneSign server is non-intrusive - there are no code changes required, no scripting needed, no modifications to directories and no inconvenient changes to end-user workflow. The OneSign single sign-on server delivers faster return on investment by allowing you to get up and running quickly and by reducing the time and resources needed to manage passwords.


The Benefits of a Single Sign-On Server


With a single sign-on from OneSign, you can:

  • Automate password management: OneSign automatically enables applications for SSO, generates strong passwords and changes passwords in the background when set in policy by the administrator.
  • Simplify reporting for compliance: OneSign's pre-structured reports enable administrators to easily track, trace and report on access history, password sharing, and more.
  • Support strong authentication options: OneSign offers native support for a variety of strong authentication technologies, including smart cards, biometrics, proximity cards, tokens, One-Time Password (OTP) tokens and more.
  • Deploy self-service password reset: OneSign allows users to reset their own passwords, reducing the cost of IT help desk calls and increasing user productivity.
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