Password sharing prevention

Password sharing prevention

Eliminate password sharing with single sign on technology


Password sharing is a significant problem for organizations today. While users may cite a variety of reasons for password sharing, most have to do with convenience and with working around complicated password policy. With the average employee needing to remember 12 - 15 passwords that change on a regular basis, it's not uncommon for users to forget their passwords and ask a colleague for theirs in order to continue working productively.

But sharing logon information causes a number of data security problems: enterprises can't accurately track who is accessing what data, report on compliance or trace the source of errors or suspicious activity. Single sign on technology can help by making identity management simple and user-friendly, but many single sign on (SSO) solutions are costly and complex to deploy and manage. For a single sign on security solution that is non-intrusive and easy to manage and can help eliminate password sharing, consider Imprivata OneSign®.


Imprivata OneSign Single Sign On helps prevent password sharing


Imprivata OneSign Single Sign On is an appliance-based identity access management solution that simplifies password policy and can help eliminate password sharing. By giving users the ability to log in to the network and have access to all their authorized applications with a single password, OneSign eliminates the frustration of password management that often leads to sharing. When users forget their passwords, OneSign also enables users to reset passwords themselves , making it less likely they will engage in password sharing, and decreasing the heavy burden of password resets on the help desk. And OneSign provides integrated support for strong authentication options like ID cards, biometrics authentication, active and passive proximity cards that can eliminate the need for passwords and password sharing altogether.

OneSign is easy to implement and manage. Unlike many other SSO and strong authentication management solutions it requires no changes to existing code or directories, and no inconvenient alterations to user workflow. As an appliance, OneSign is a comprehensive solution and requires no additional hardware or software to be purchased, deployed or maintained. And OneSign integrates easily with all applications - legacy, Web, JAVA, client/server - to enable single sign on technology throughout the enterprise.


Automate password policy and eliminate sharing with Imprivata OneSign


In addition to preventing password sharing, OneSign enables organizations to:

  • Securely authenticate users: OneSign supports strong authentication options such as ID tokens, active or passive proximity cards, Windows smart cards, biometrics, USB tokens, national ID smart cards and others.
  • Streamline application access: OneSign automates password management by enabling applications for single sign on and enforcing password policy and password changes on behalf of users as needed.
  • Simplify compliance reporting; With OneSign, demonstrating regulatory compliance is centralized and easy do. Reporting features produce pre-built or customized reports quickly and efficiently - including reports on which users are sharing passwords.
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