Password management software for healthcare

Password management software for healthcare


Eliminate password management problems with single sign-on


Passwords are a huge headache for employees and IT Departments. With multiple applications requiring unique passwords, users often end up writing passwords on sticky notes which get left on the side of monitors or hidden beneath keyboards — essentially negating the security the passwords are meant to provide. Single sign-on can take the problems out of password management. However, some available password management solutions are not adequate to the task — they require expensive recoding of existing applications or modifications to directories, or create inconvenient changes to user workflow. To solve this dilemma, more organizations today are turning to authentication and access management solutions from Imprivata that more effectively address password management challenges.


Imprivata delivers superior password management


Imprivata® OneSign® Single Sign-On is an appliance-based solution that simplifies password management for end users that makes password security easy to implement and affordable to manage. The Imprivata OneSign appliance-based solution gets you up and running quickly - there is no need to add more hardware or software to rollout SSO in your organization. You also don't needto make changes your existing infrastructure - no directory modifications needed. Imprivata OneSign integrates quickly and easily with existing applications, whether they are mainframe, client/server, JAVA or Web based applications, with no scripting or changes to applications necessary. For users, the difference is significant - instead of many passwords for multiple applications, they can sign-on once and then securely gain access to all authorized applications.


Simplify security management of stronger passwords


Imprivata OneSign makes security management simpler and more cost-effective. With Imprivata OneSign organizations can:

  • Automate password policy implementation.
  • Perform password changes automatically in the background on behalf of users.
  • Manage the implementation of, and track access events for, a broad range of strong authentication methods including passwords, fingerprint biometrics, tokens, common access card technology and more.
  • Generate audit logs of access and password change activity, enabling you to strengthen and enforce compliance across all applications.
  • Administrators can run a wide variety of pre-built reports, including reports that show where password sharing is taking place. This kind of detail enables companies to more easily refine enterprise security policies to ensure compliance throughout the enterprise.
  • Quickly achieve ROI. Imprivata OneSign is a single sign-on solution that delivers rapid return on investment as it is quick to implement and eliminates your password headaches while increasing productivity for your employees. Its simplicity reduces management costs and its effectiveness drives down the cost of password reset calls to the help desk.
  • Automate management of authentication. Imprivata OneSign generates passwords automatically, changes them when necessary on behalf of the user, and recognizes when new appliance versions, SSO profiles or user security policies are added or changed and automatically executes all updates.
  • Ensure you can accommodate end user workflows - Imprivata allows for shared workstations and fast user switching. Imprivata OneSign SSO provides workflow solutions that enable users to quickly switch between multiple, concurrent Windows desktops, as needed.

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