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Single sign on technology solves password challenges

Passwords can be a nightmare for users. The average user has 12 - 15 application passwords that often change frequently in order to comply with password policy. To keep track of multiple passwords users often record passwords on scraps of paper left at the work station - diminishing the security that passwords are meant to ensure.

Single sign on technology promises to address password problems, improve productivity and reduce cost by giving users access to all applications after signing into the network just once. But some single sign on technologies don't live up to their promises - too often single sign on technology is expensive to buy and complex to deploy and manage. For single sign on technology that is non-intrustive, affordable and easy to manage, organizations the world over are turning to Imprivata.

Imprivata - single sign on technology ends password nightmares

Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign-On provides technology that is easy to implement, simple to use and highly effective at minimizing the administrative burden of using and managing passwords. OneSign is an appliance-based approach with no additional hardware or software to buy, install or manage - to ensure quick deployment. OneSign is non-intrusive as it requires no scripting, code changes, directory modifications or inconvenient workflow changes.

With OneSign Single Sign-On technology you can:

  • Automate password management. OneSign can change passwords automatically in the background when set in policy by the administrator.
  • Simplify compliance reporting. OneSign's pre-built and customized reports allow administrators to easily trace, track, and report on Single Sign-On password access history, password sharing, and more.
  • Support strong authentication options. OneSign has built-in support for a range of strong authentication options that include biometrics, smart cards, tokens, proximity cards, and more.
  • Implement self-service password reset. Users can reset their own passwords, thus reducing the cost of IT help desk calls.
  • Deploy shared workstations and fast user switching. OneSign offers solutions for shared workstations that include fast user switching between multiple, concurrent Windows desktops.

Technology for SSO, authentication and physical access in a single solution

In addition to single sign on technology, the OneSign platform includes OneSign Authentication Management - a component for easy integration of strong authentication devices - and the ability to tie an organizations' physical access system to network authentication.

Learn more about security management, multifactor authentication, identity management solutions, password policy management, single sign on server technology, SSO password solutions and more.

Single Sign-On Technology Resources

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