Enterprise Single Sign-On

Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Password Security


Password security management can be a major headache for users and enterprise IT departments alike as password policy can cause frustration for users when they have multiple passwords to remember. End-users often write their passwords down and leave them by their workstation - a serious enterprise security issue. Or they forget their passwords and have to put productivity on hold while they make costly calls to the IT help desk to perform a password reset.

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions can potentially resolve these issues by enabling users to sign in just once to the network and have access to all the applications they are authorized to access - eliminating password headaches and enabling productivity. But some Single Sign-On solutions raise as many issues as they promise to solve - the cost of purchase can be quite high, and the complexity of implementation and management can overwhelm IT departments. When savvy organizations want to deploy an enterprise Single Sign-On solution that offers all the benefits of SSO and is affordable and easy to manage as well, they turn to Imprivata.


Imprivata Delivers the Leading Enterprise Single Sign-On Solution


Imprivata's enterprise Single Sign-On is an appliance-based solution that solves password management and identity management security issues. OneSign is easy to implement - there is no code to write, no directories to modify and no inconvenient changes to end user workflow. OneSign is a complete package, with no additional software to purchase or hardware to install or maintain. OneSign reduces installation costs and time to implement, making users happy to have eliminated password headaches and delivering faster return on investment.


A Single Solution for Enterprise Password Security


OneSign Single Sign-On delivers password management solutions and more right out of the box, helping you to:

  • Enable all enterprise applications for Single Sign-On. OneSign gives administrators a drag-and-drop interface that helps enable applications for Single Sign-On quickly and easily. OneSign supports all applications, including legacy, client/server, JAVA and Web.
  • Automate many password management tasks. OneSign automates much of the work of password management, including generation of strong random passwords, password changes on behalf of employees, and self service password reset.
  • Provide built-in support for strong authentication options. OneSign offers native support for many strong authentication technologies, giving the enterprise flexible use of 2 factor authentication devices, including ID cards, smart cards, proximity cards, finger biometrics, OTP tokens, ID tokens and more.
  • Provide simplified reporting capabilities for regulatory compliance. By collecting data about all access events into a single central database, and providing standardized reporting functionality, OneSign lets administrators create custom or pre-structured reports quickly and easily, helping to streamline regulatory reporting.

Single Sign-On Resources

20 Practical Tips on Single Sign-On
20 Practical Tips on Single Sign-On

For a successful enterprise Single Sign-On deployment you need expert advice - not from a vendor - but from actual peers who have deployed SSO and authentication. So we asked our customers what advice they'd give to other IT executives contemplating Single Sign-On.

Evaluation Tool for SSO Vendors
Evaluation Tool for SSO Vendors

Are you considering implementing an enterprise SSO solution? The Imprivata SSO Vendor Evaluation Checklist is designed to help you select the solution that best matches your organization’s needs and priorities. It incorporates customer learnings from thousands of successful SSO deployments.

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