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Secure password policy


More easily implement password policy with single sign-on

Many organizations today have implemented password policy to secure applications, manage authentication, and control access to valuable corporate and customer data. But password policy can be notoriously difficult to manage and enforce. Users are given multiple passwords for a variety of applications, with some requirements to change passwords frequently to maintain password policy and effective security. Yet in their confusion, users often end up jotting passwords on sticky notes and leave them on the desk, making password policy ineffective and diminishing the security it was meant to provide.

Single sign-on (SSO) technology holds the promise of simplifying policy management and making users' lives easier, but many SSO solutions require costly recoding of existing applications, modifications to directories, or end-user workflow changes that are inconvenient.

For companies seeking to simplify password policy with single sign-on technology that is cost-efficient, easily implemented, and highly effective, Imprivata is the answer.

Imprivata-superior SSO technology for password policy

Imprivata® OneSign® Single Sign-On is an appliance-based SSO solution that solves the challenges of managing password policy. As an appliance, OneSign Single Sign-On is easy to implement-no scripting is required, no modifications to directories or applications are needed, and no changes to end-user workflow are necessary.

OneSign Single Sign-On automates many aspects of password policy management, reducing administrative burden and cost. OneSign can enable ALL types of applications - client/server, JAVA, and Web and legacy applications-and it supports a range of strong authentication options. OneSign Single Sign-On automates redundant tasks, monitors access automatically, and tracks, traces, and reports on password policy across a distributed network.

More effective password management and cost-efficient policy enforcement

With OneSign Single Sign-On, organizations can:
  • Implement password policy and perform automatic password changes for users
  • Provide support for strong authentication methods beyond passwords, including active or passive proximity cards, Windows smart cards, USB tokens, finger biometrics, national ID smart cards, and ID tokens.
  • Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance using a variety of canned and customized reports to demonstrate who accessed what from when and where
  • Deploy self-service password reset to minimize calls to the help desk, thus restoring user productivity more quickly.
  • Achieve ROI quickly by reducing management and IT help desk costs and improving employee productivity.
  • Improve end-user workflow by supporting shared workstations and fast user switching.

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