HIPAA Password Policy Management

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Achieve compliance with a HIPAA Password Policy Management solution.
Struggling with the burden of complying with HIPAA password policy management regulations, many healthcare organizations are turning to single sign-on (SSO) technology. SSO solutions enable organizations to avoid the high cost and complexity of alternative approaches while delivering greater control over password authentication and access management. But many SSO solutions are difficult to implement and manage, thus failing to provide a cost-effective solution to HIPAA password policy management. Today, many leading hospitals are turning to Imprivata for an SSO solution that simplifies HIPAA Password Policy Management and reduces the cost of compliance.

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Imprivata provides a leading HIPAA Password Management solution.
Imprivata, a leading provider of authentication and access management technology, offers healthcare organizations a cost-effective solution for HIPAA password management. Imprivata OneSign is an appliance-based solution that simplifies password management for users and administrators alike. With OneSign, users can log-on once and gain access to all their applications and patient information, even as they roam from one workstation to another. For administrators, OneSign delivers simplified management and compliance reporting, with all access events tracked and recorded in a single log. And for IT organizations, the OneSign appliance provides an easy-to-implement solution that requires zero modifications to existing infrastructure and helps reduce IT costs.

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OneSign enables healthcare organizations to deploy an innovative solution for HIPAA password management and secure access. These include:

  • Automate password policy implementation.
  • Perform password changes automatically in the background on behalf of users.
  • Generate audit logs of access and password change activity, enabling you to strengthen and enforce compliance across all applications.
  • Administrators can run a wide variety of pre-built reports, including reports that show where password sharing is taking place. This kind of detail enables companies to more easily refine enterprise security policies to ensure compliance throughout the enterprise.
  • Automate management of authentication. OneSign generates passwords automatically, changes them when necessary on behalf of the user, and recognizes when new appliance versions, SSO profiles or user security policies are added or changed and automatically executes all updates.
  • Ensure you can accommodate end user workflows - Imprivata allows for shared workstations and fast user switching. OneSign SSO provides workflow solutions that enable users to quickly switch between multiple, concurrent Windows desktops, as needed.

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