Security risk management

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Security risk management


Inadequate password policy can be a security risk for any enterprise


Unauthorized access to critical data can be a significant security risk for any organization. With security risks from an external threat becoming more manageable, there is still a need to determine the best way to guard against internal security risks from employees gaining access to sensitive data. This security breach can be costly to both a company's reputation and bottom line. Passwords should help prevent security risks however, users today have to remember multiple passwords which often results in them writing passwords on sticky notes and leaving them on their desk where they can be seen and used by others. And, with lack of accountability due to untracked access, disgruntled users may access and manipulate data that could be risky for any organization.

Single sign-on (SSO) technology can simplify password management, allowing users to sign in to the network once and gain access to their authorized applications. But many SSO solutions are expensive to purchase and complex to deploy. For companies seeking to mitigate security risk with an SSO solution that is affordable and easy to manage, Imprivata offers OneSign® Single Sign-On.


Improve internal security risk management with Imprivata


Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On (SSO) enables companies to better manage passwords and address internal security risk with an innovative password management solution. OneSign is an appliance-based approach that minimizes the cost and complexity of implementing and managing password security. OneSign SSO implementation involves no expensive code changes, no modification to existing directories, and no alterations to end-user workflow. OneSign saves administrative time by doing much of the work for you and easily integrates to all types of applications including client/server, JAVA, Web and legacy applications. OneSign supports a wide number of multi-factor strong authentication options that help mitigate risk and increase data security. OneSign delivers quick return on investment by minimizing implementation time, installation costs, and infrastructure needs, and by lowering help desk costs out-of-the-box.


Enhance password security, minimize risk with enterprise single sign-on


With OneSign SSO, enterprises can reduce internal security risk by:

  • Quickly enabling single sign-on to all applications.
  • Minimizing the cost of compliance reporting.
  • Deploying shared workstations and faster user switching.
  • Enabling self-service password reset.
  • Automating password changes.
  • Providing support for all Citrix or terminal services-hosted applications
  • Enabling support for multifactor authentication options that include passwords, ID tokens, OTP tokens, proximity cards, smart cards, national ID smart cards, finger biometrics, and USB tokens.

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