Self Service Password Reset

Self Service Password Reset

Minimize cost and increase productivity with self service password reset


Password reset calls to the IT help desk can be an expensive headache for any organization. With each application requiring a different password that may need to periodically changed, users can easily lose track of passwords for a specific application, putting work on hold and prompting a call to the help desk. A self service solution can address this dilemma by allowing employees to reset their own passwords quickly and easily. But some self service reset solutions don't have the necessary security, policy management or reporting capabilities to ensure the security you put the passwords in place to address. For a self service password reset solution that is affordable, effective and easy to use, consider technology from Imprivata.


Imprivata - self service password reset in a SSO solution


Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication and access management solution that provides self service password reset as part of a complete password management strategy. OneSign enables SSO for all enterprise applications, helping organizations benefit from increased user productivity and reduced password management costs. As an appliance-based solution, OneSign is affordable to purchase, quick to implement, and easy to manage. And OneSign's intelligent Application Profile Generator™ (APG) technology SSO-enables all enterprise applications-legacy, Web, client/server, JAVA-out of the box, with no custom scripting required, no connectors to build and no long or costly integration projects to manage.


Simplify employee self service, reduce reset calls and improve password security


OneSign Self-Service Password Management lets users easily reset their own passwords, or be notified of their network and application passwords without the helpdesk intervention. Administrators set verification thresholds for the identities of users or groups of users. When a password is forgotten, users can access self service password reset via the Web or the network, answer a set of random or administrator-created questions, and reset their password securely and automatically, allowing them to return to productivity quickly.

The OneSign Platform also lets organizations:

  • Access built-in support for multiple strong authentication options, including ID tokens, active or passive proximity cards, national smart ID cards, USB tokens, Windows smart cards, and fingerprint biometrics.
  • Simplify compliance reporting with pre-built and custom reports.
  • Get support for Citrix or Terminal Services-hosted applications - simplifying remote access.
  • Enable shared workstations and fast user switching.
  • Automate password changes, generating strong randomized passwords on behalf of end users during the application password change process.

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