Single Sign-On Security

Single Sign-On Security

Single Sign-On security solves password management challenges


Password security can be a major headache for users and IT departments. Passwords are meant to improve security, but password policy can be so complex that users end up writing passwords on sticky notes and leaving them on their monitor or 'hidden' beneath the keyboard-hardly the kind of security password policy is meant to deliver. Single Sign-On security can address this dilemma by allowing users to sign-on once and gain access to all authorized applications. But some Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions raise as many issues as they solve-they require costly code or directory changes. Some SSO solutions mandate inconvenient and unproductive workflow changes. For a Single Sign-On security solution that is both easy to use and affordable to implement and manage, savvy companies worldwide are turning to Imprivata.


Imprivata delivers superior Single Sign-On security


Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On is an appliance-based single sign-on security solution that streamlines password security for end users and IT departments alike. OneSign is easy to implement , affordable to manage and requires no changes to applications, directories, or workflow. OneSign Single Sign-On security offers users an easier password management experience-multiple passwords no longer need be remembered. Mandated password changes are handled automatically and password resets can be managed by users, avoiding costly calls to the IT help desk and returning users to productivity faster.


Simplify password security with OneSign Single Sign-On


As a premier, appliance-based, access and authentication management solution, OneSign Single Sign-On security enables organizations to:

  • Automate password management. OneSign can change passwords automatically in the background when set in policy by the administrator.
  • Simplify compliance reporting. OneSign's pre-built and customized reports allow administrators to easily trace, track, and report on Single Sign-On security, password access history, password sharing, and more.
  • Support strong authentication options. OneSign has built-in support for a range of strong authentication options that include finger biometrics, smart cards, tokens, proximity cards, and more.
  • Implement self-service password reset. Users can reset their own passwords, thus reducing the cost of IT help desk calls.
  • Deploy shared workstations and fast user switching. OneSign offers solutions for shared workstations that include fast user switching between multiple, concurrent Windows desktops.

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