Imprivata Identity Governance for Healthcare IAM with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Imprivata complements Microsoft Azure experience with day one identity management

Imprivata Identity Governance is the front door to a secure and compliant digital identity strategy

Imprivata Identity Governance delivers a new level of security and compliance to healthcare organisations by ensuring that, on day one, the right users have the right access to the right on-premises and cloud applications, and the audit trail to prove it.

Identity governance is a critical component of a healthcare organisation’s identity and access management (IAM) strategy, as increasing cyberthreats and regulatory requirements drive the need for full lifecycle management of all digital identities in the healthcare ecosystem. Imprivata Identity Governance serves as an organisation’s single source of truth, creates and maintains user information, and allows joint customers of Microsoft and Imprivata to manage the provisioning, tracking, and de-provisioning of their users in their hybrid on-premises and cloud environments. Imprivata Identity Governance can also be hosted in an Azure environment, unlocking scalability and flexibility for healthcare enterprises. From a security perspective, the combined solutions ensure access governance for cloud and healthcare applications with compliance reporting capabilities.

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    Imprivata Identity Governance on Microsoft Azure