What is healthcare access management

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What is healthcare access management


Effective healthcare access management increases clinicians' productivity and satisfaction


For healthcare organizations, the management of access to patient records is a high priority. However, effective healthcare access management, including the use of strong passwords, demands that there is no sacrifice of fast access to healthcare application information or decrease in the quality or speed of patient care. While many solutions promise to address these critical issues, the cost and complexity of most solutions places a significant burden on IT budgets and personnel. That's why so many companies are turning to Imprivata® for powerful and affordable healthcare access management solutions.


Imprivata simplifies healthcare access management


Imprivata OneSign® simplifies healthcare access management through an easy and remarkably smart appliance-based solution. OneSign is convenient and effective for users and IT staff alike. Implementation and management is streamlined - OneSign allows IT to quickly handle application SSO enablement, easily implement and enforce password policy and track and report on application access activity, minimizing management by already overworked IT resources. For users, OneSign couldn't be simpler - they can log on with a single strong password, or strong authentication device, eliminating the need for, and distraction of, multiple passwords - the workflow capabilities keep them on track - whether their's is a shared workstation environment and/or they have a need to roam throughout the hospital, their sessions stay with them. For the organization, OneSign provides a healthcare access management solution that improves password security, streamlines administration, simplifies HIPAA compliance, reduces help desk calls and their associated costs and increases user productivity and satisfaction.


Streamline management and secure access to critical healthcare data


OneSign enables companies to improve healthcare access management by:

  • Enabling all applications for SSO. OneSign provides single sign-on to all Healthcare Information System (HIS) and other non-clinical critical applications - whether they are accessed via the Web, or are client/server, hosted, or mainframe applications. OneSign integrates seamlessly with common healthcare applications including Meditech, Cerner, McKesson, Epic, Eclipsys, Siemens, Healthland, IDX and others. And it enables Roaming Sessions and Personalized Drive-Mapping by extending OneSign events to launch an unlimited set of critical applications.
  • Supporting strong authentication in a healthcare environment. Beyond management of passwords, OneSign supports the implementation and ongoing management of a wide variety of authentication methods for greater data security and management. These include finger biometrics authentication, smart cards, proximity cards, One-Time Password (OTP) Tokens and other multifactor authentication options.
  • Automating Policy - for user, group and machine level security. OneSign automates the implementation of password policy. It allows for the creation of strong and unique passwords to ensure compliance and privacy of data. It can enable and conduct a forced password change automatically in the background to achieve tighter security, and eliminate the breaches that result when users jot passwords down on sticky notes affix to their work stations. Policy can be quickly and easily set at the user, group or machine level for greater security regardless of the environment where patient data is accessed.
  • Simplifying compliance. To help prove compliance, OneSign delivers built-in monitoring and provides audit logs detailing the who, from where, when and how users access healthcare application and patient information. With these reports and alerts, organizations can more easily manage and improve security policies to comply with HIPAA and other regulations.
  • Available to protect patient data. With a redundant pair configuration and automatic system backups, OneSign provides seamless failover that ensures continuous security of patient data.
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