Covid-19 overview

Continuity in the face of COVID-19

Customers first, always

Ensuring that our customers can quickly and securely deliver care has always been the top priority at Imprivata, and to say that doing so now is “more critical than ever” seems a disservice to the hard work care providers around the world do every day. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, helping our customers provide accurate, expedient, and secure care is, if not more critical than ever, certainly just as critical with an ever-brightening spotlight.

We are honored that hospitals and health systems around the world look to Imprivata as a strategic partner. Imprivata has formed a COVID Response Task Force, a cross-functional group with customer focus at its core, and is working to supply any and all guidance necessary to ensure that our solutions help make care delivery as seamless as possible in the time of COVID-19.

As you activate your emergency preparedness plans, Imprivata is here to support you.

Using Imprivata solutions to ensure safe, secure, and uninterrupted care delivery

During this crisis, Imprivata is working with customers to construct use cases and solutions that help ensure safe and secure care delivery, both for patients and care providers. As we continue to learn from our customers, we will capture and share these stories.

Ensuring service delivery

Business continuity

Imprivata maintains a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan. We take pride in our ability to provide external customers and our internal workforce with critical services designed to be fault-tolerant and achieve high levels of uptime. We are prepared to respond to any event that limits Imprivata team members’ ability to travel or gather, as well as deal with the potential of reasonable percentages of staff being unavailable. Our workforce is highly mobile and ready to function in a geographically decentralised fashion during the course of an event. All team members have been provided tools to allow effective remote work, as well as the ability to meet and collaborate virtually. Imprivata does not host customer-facing applications within the Lexington location and all critical business services — all of which have related redundancies in place — are hosted externally.

Key items:

  • All customer-facing applications are hosted outside of the Imprivata business location
  • All critical business services are hosted outside of the Imprivata business location
  • Customer facing functions, such as Support, are made available from multiple locations outside of Lexington
  • All Imprivata employees have a remote worker technology package

Hardware supply chain

We currently have no disruptions with our proximity, fingerprint reader, keyboard, and palm vein scanner suppliers and are working with each one to ensure ample supply of products for our customers. Many of our suppliers already have redundancy in their supply chain and manufacturing operations to help avoid geographically located disruptions. As the situation evolves, we will continue to work closely with our suppliers to ensure a continued supply of our products.

Information continuity and backup

Imprivata Cloud services are hosted in multiple cloud data centers in the eastern United States. Backups are stored in multiple data centers in a different geographic region for use in disaster recovery. All critical Imprivata Cloud services components are configured in a cluster for fault-tolerance, redundancy, and high availability. Customer data is backed up at least nightly with point-in-time snapshot backups in place for certain types of data. Backups are tested on a quarterly basis to verify recovery point/time objectives and to evaluate disaster recovery procedures. Infrastructure is constantly monitored for service availability and infrastructure health, with immediate issue/warning notifications to 24x7 on-call personnel. Production deployments are done in a rolling fashion by cluster and data center to ensure that run-time fault tolerance and disaster recovery operates as expected. We are in regular communication with our cloud and service partners and are confident in their ability to handle this situation.