Imprivata is Hyperdrive Production Ready!

Imprivata is Hyperdrive Production Ready!

The Imprivata platform supports Hyperdrive (across all of our solutions) so when you move to Hyperdrive, Imprivata is ready to support you.

The Imprivata Connector for Epic Hyperdrive was introduced in June 2022 with the most commonly used workflows. We are working through the end of the year to deliver additional features to obtain parity with the Hyperspace connector.

Currently Supported OneSign and ConfirmID functionality

  • Multi App Mode and Epic Only
    • SSO
    • Fast User Switching on Type 1, 1.5, & 2
  • Single-hop VDI configurations
    • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
    • Horizon Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • Confirm ID for EPCS & most clinical workflows
  • LDAP
  • Reporting and auditing
  • Locally installed Windows 10
  • Epic Community Connect
    • Includes VDI double-hop configs
  • Non-LDAP for Epic Multi App
  • Epic Session Protection

Minimum Software Requirements

There have been significant changes in the way that Imprivata integrates with Epic, which leads to minimum technical requirements that need to be met to be Hyperdrive compatible with Imprivata

  • Hyperdrive Connector – Latest version downloaded from Imprivata Support and Learning Center
  • Hyperspace Connector 7.4 HF5 - If Hyperdrive will reside on the same Image as Hyperspace, the Hyperspace connector will need to be updated.
  • Imprivata OneSign 7.9 for both Appliance and Citrix/VMware Imprivata Agents
    • G3 Appliance Minimum
    • Non-LDAP EPCS will require a G4 migration
  • Endpoints Imprivata OneSign Agents – Must be at a supported version. If installed on same machine as connector then update to 7.9.
  • Epic Hyperdrive cient – Epic May 22 (100.7+)
  • Epic Hyperspace server – Epic Feb 22+

Request the Hyperdrive Connector on App Market

  • NEW Connector for Hyperdrive (Date based, and available on our Support and Learning Center)
    • With Hyperdrive, we are leveraging Epic’s Subspace API. To enable the use of this API, an administrator from each health system will need to request our application from Epic’s App Market site.
    • Once the request has been made, Imprivata will reach out requesting your certificates from the Settings page of your Imprivata Admin Console
    • Imprivata will upload the certificates into your App Marketplace request, enabling your use of the Subspace API with Imprivata

We are continuing to deliver additional functionality through the end of 2022

Imprivata has a path to complete development for full feature parity with our Hyperspace solution by the end of 2022.

Below you will find what is yet to come, along with associated anticipated upgrades. Please note, this could change based on development and testing.

  • Non-LDAP for ConfirmID (G4 migration required, OneSign Update to 7.11, Hyperdrive Connector Upgrade)
  • Session Persistence with Slingshot (no upgrade required)
  • Specialty Narrator Workflows (Connector Upgrade)
  • VDI Linux Thin Clients (no upgrade required)
  • Transparent Lock Screen (no upgrade required)
  • ECC Branding and Customization (Connector Upgrade needed)
  • Willow Ambulatory Clinical Workflows (Connector Upgrade needed)
  • Non-LDAP for Epic Only (Connector Upgrade needed)
  • MyChart patient sign-up (Connector Upgrade needed)
  • Hyperdrive support for UPN (Connector Upgrade needed)

If you use non-LDAP with Confirm ID EPCS then you will need to take OneSign 7.11 and G4 migration in Q4

Please join us for a lunch and learn Webinar focused on the move to Hyperdrive

Imprivata and Epic are hosting a joint webinar on 8November at 1p ET where Christina Berg, RN MHA will be joined by Epic to talk about how Imprivata will support your move to Epic Hyperdrive and answer any questions you may have.

Have Questions?

Please reach out to your customer success team at

Imprivata offers Managed Services for all of your upgrade needs, including Hyperdrive and G4 migration.