Enterprise Access Cloud Services Appendix

Enterprise Access Cloud Services Appendix

Enterprise Access Cloud Services.

The specifications and system requirements for Enterprise Access, including any additional licenses or subscriptions, are as described in the Documentation.

Pricing Metrics.

Unless purchasing through an authorized reseller, upon execution of the Order Form, Customer will pay Imprivata the applicable fees set forth in the Order Form. Beginning with the initial term of an Order Form and during any subsequent renewal terms, prior to each anniversary of the initial Subscription Term effective date, Imprivata will review Customer’s number of Vendors during the prior twelve-month period. If Customer’s number of Vendors during the prior twelve-month period exceeds the Base Statistics, Imprivata will invoice Customer for the difference between the number of Vendors and the Base Statistics for the subsequent twelve-month period in accordance with the Order Form. Customer will pay such invoice in accordance with the Agreement. The following terms may be used in the Order Form in calculating the applicable fees:

  1. “Vendor” means a single entity using the Cloud Service to access Customer’s systems.
  2. “Base Statistics” means the number of Vendors documented in the initial Order Form.

Usage Limits.

Enterprise Access’s pricing is based on designated levels of usage and data storage (each a “Service Allocation”) as provided in the table below. Imprivata will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify Customer in writing if Customer has reached 80 percent (80%) of its then current Service Allocation and Customer may increase its Service Allocation. Customer acknowledges that if it exceeds its Service Allocation by (i) exceeding Customer’s network usage, then its access to the Cloud Service will be throttled or (ii) exceeding storage limits, then audit data will automatically be deleted.

 Usage Assumptions
SLE SKUMachineNetwork Usage - Monthly (GB)Local Storage (GB)S3 Storage (GB)
SLE - Cloud - 5 Vendorc5.xlarge5005050
SLE - Cloud - 10 Vendorc5.xlarge8405090
SLE - Cloud - 15 Vendorc5.xlarge1,34550140
SLE - Cloud - 25 Vendorc5.xlarge2,69050290
SLE - Cloud - 35 Vendorc5.xlarge2,69050290
SLE - Cloud - 50 Vendorc5.xlarge2,69050290
SLE - Cloud - 75 Vendorc5.xlarge4,03550430
SLE - Cloud - 100 Vendorc5.xlarge4,03550430

Restriction on Use by Affiliates.

Section 2.2 (“Affiliates”) of the Agreement shall not apply to Customer’s purchase of Enterprise Access. Customer’s Affiliates shall have no rights under this Agreement without Imprivata’s express written consent.