Enterprise Access Management with MFA (formerly Confirm ID)

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Non-disruptive multifactor authentication

Remove barriers to access across your organisation while supporting remote access, critical workflows, and industry regulations.

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Enterprise Access Management (EAM) capabilities

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Enable MFA for remote access

Integrate with M365 and leading VPNs

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Risk-based authentication

Integrate with Microsoft conditional access

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Flexible authentication

Phone as a token, fingerprint, hands-free, and facial recognition

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Reauthentication and witnessing

Confirm or witness ePMA and other EPR workflows

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Support for leading EPRs

API integration with leading EPRs, including Epic, for fast authentication

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Medical device authentication

Fast, easy access to external medical devices

Make security invisible with Enterprise Access Management

Multifactor authentication improves security while simplifying workflows to meet compliance requirements without disrupting users.
Hear from our customers
With over 43,000 re-authentication and witnessing events per week, clinicians saw the benefits straight away as soon as Imprivata [EAM] was turned on. There was great acceptance and feedback.
Hear from our customers
Using Imprivata [EAM] meant staff didn’t need to use physical tokens to gain access. This enabled rapid deployment of the solution as we didn’t have to procure, configure and distribute physical tokens for over 4,000 employees which would have severely slowed down the process and put people at risk.
Hear from our customers
Introducing Imprivata [EAM] for clinical workflows helped us to meet the National mandate for ePMA, improve our working processes and gain positive buy-in from our staff.
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How Enterprise Access Management with MFA works

Demo Confirm ID for Remote Access
Demo Confirm ID for Clinical Workflows

Enterprise management services

Access a full-scale team of engineers, architects, and managers that are accountable for proactive delivery and ensuring the continuity and resiliency of your EAM solution.

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Driving innovation and interoperability

Imprivata ensures the highest level of security and fast workflows for authorized users. Discover recently released features and future items in our product roadmaps.

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