Security Breach

A security data breach can threaten privacy and damage a company's reputation

An internal security breach can cause organizations a lot of damage by jeopardizing customer data and privacy, compromising regulatory compliance and resulting in legal issues, damaging public exposure and potentially significant expense. Yet at many companies, a security data breach is not difficult to engineer - password security measures can easily be circumvented when employees leave passwords on sticky notes affixed to their work stations. Single sign-on technology combined with strong authentication enables an organization to effectively manage passwords to avoid a security data breach, but many solutions today are prohibitively expense or complex to deploy and manage. For companies looking for affordable and effective password management technology that can help avoid a damaging security data breach, Imprivata offers OneSign® - a complete security authentication and access management platform.


Thwart a security data breach with the Imprivata OneSign Platform

Imprivata OneSign is an appliance-based solution for authentication and access management. OneSign helps prevent a security breach by giving users the ability to access all authorized applications after a single sign on, or strong authentication event - eliminating all those passwords written on sticky notes as well as the distraction of trying to remember various difficult passwords for various applications. IT departments benefit as well - OneSign is simple to deploy and manage, saving time and resources. And because OneSign is packaged in an appliance that integrates easily with legacy, Web and client/server applications, it does not require costly and time-consuming scripting or modifications to applications or directories. OneSign is simply a highly effective and highly affordable internal data breach prevention solution.


Stronger password security prevents an internal breach and ensures compliance

OneSign enables companies to eliminate security breaches by:

  • Automating password management. OneSign creates strong and unique passwords and changes them automatically on behalf of users at specified intervals.
  • Integrating strong authentication - beyond the management of passwords. OneSign supports the implementation and ongoing management of a wide variety of authentication methods for greater password security and management. These include strong authentication options such as, finger biometric readers and scans, proximity cards, smart cards, One-Time Password (OTP) Tokens and more.
  • Simplifying Policy Enforcement - for user, group and machine level security. OneSign automates the implementation of password policy. It allows for the creation of strong and unique passwords to ensure compliance and privacy of data. It can enable a forced password change automatically to achieve tighter security, and eliminate the breaches that result when users jot passwords down on sticky notes affix to their work stations. Policy can be quickly and easily set at the user, group or machine level for greater security regardless of the environment where corporate data is accessed.
  • Easing audit authentication and access event information gathering. To help prove compliance, OneSign provides audit logs detailing the who, from where, when and how users have accessed application information. With these reports and alerts, organizations can more easily manage and improve security policy to comply with government and industry regulations.

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Imprivata also provides solutions for identity and access management, secure authentication, Active Directory single sign on and more.


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